How To Get a Payoneer Card – a Product Review

Payoneer Payment CardIf you are an internet marketer who makes money online, a Payoneer  Card could be of real benefit to you.

I decided to apply for a Payoneer card because some companies based in the USA do not seem to like to send payments electronically to accounts that are not based in that country.

This means that you have to wait for paper cheques to arrive. Then you have to take it to the bank, pay for the transaction fees and wait a few days before the money arrives into your account.

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5 Reasons To Apply for a Payoneer Card
The Payoneer Card can provide the following solutions, which make it so much easier for people who do not have US bank accounts:

  1. The card is affiliated with Mastercard so it isn’t some dodgy company you have never heard of
  2. The card can be used in cash machines and in shops
  3. The company offers you a $25 Welcome Bonus when you deposit $100
  4. You can get immediate access to any overseas earnings from Amazon, Clickbank and other affiliate programmes
  5. You can earn $25 by referring a friend

How To Get a Payoneer Card – What I Did
PayoneerI visited the website, filled in the registration form and waited for the card to arrive. Once I got my card, I added the account details to my affiliate programme payment page.

My first payment was loaded onto the account at the end of the month and I immediately received notification from Payoneer that this had taken place.

I checked my account online. Hurrah, the money was there. I also noted that because the amount deposited was over $100, Payoneer also paid my $25 bonus too. A second Hurrah!

Do Not Make The Mistake I Made :(
In the UK, the majority of the credit and debit cards that we are issued with have a little gold thing, the gold chip. The Payoneer card is the first type that I have seen without this. I wasn’t sure if it would work in a cash machine so I gave it a go.

The Good News
I had a pin number and the card worked perfectly well. I was able to see my current balance.

The Bad News
I didn’t realise that you get charged each time you check your balance. I checked that the card worked on three different occasions. Yep, I got charged $1.00 each time.

It was only when I checked my account online that I saw the charges for these transactions. I will not be doing that again.

Make Money by Referring a Friend
Payoneer Refer a Friend SchemeYou can earn a nice and easy $25 by just letting someone else know about the Payoneer card.

You get your own affiliate link and if someone registers for a card and loads it with $100, they get their $25 Welcome Bonus and you will get a nice $25 bonus. Not bad for sharing a link eh? Hint Hint 😉

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Should You Get a Payoneer Card?
I would recommend getting this card if you want to get your hands on the online cash you have made. It takes the hassle out of waiting for your account to reach to $100 before they issue you a cheque. This also works for other companies such as Clickbank but I haven’t got any affiliate sites with Clickbank products so I can’t personally confirm this.

I have to say that it is lovely to receive emails stating that my card has just been loaded with a payment from the people at

Lastly, the $25 Welcome Bonus is a nice amount to receive. Thank you very much.

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The Payoneer Card Fees & Charges
There are some costs involved so you need to know about these.

  • Initial Activation Fee – $20 for people outside USA
  • Cash Withdrawal Fee – $3.15 per transaction (+ 3% fee may be added, depending on the cash machine you use)
  • Charge each time the card is loaded with money – 1-3% of amount deposited
  • Annual Admin Fee – $29.95

Why This Works Out Cheaper Than My Original Method
My original method was to take the paper cheques to the bank. My bank charged £7 ($11) per cheque to get it processed.

It was a little difficult to work out the cost comparisons due to the variety of possible variables but worse case scenario, using the card would save me around $50 per year.

There is the initial activation fee, but this cancels itself out with the $25 Welcome Bonus you receive. If one other person signs up for a card through your link, that mostly pays for the next year’s admin fees.

In Closing
The Payoneer Card works really well for me. I can get to my US earnings without any hassle and when I need to, without having to wait for a cheque to be dispatched from the US or to visit a bank to pay in the cheque. By the way, this is the only reason I go to the bank. I do everything else online. Hello 21st Century.

To find out if it makes a difference for you, Click Here To Apply for a Payoneer Card Today

Let me know :)

Have Your Say: Do you have a Payoneer card? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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