How To Lose Weight – Approaching Weight Loss in a Sensible Way

I always want to lose weight. In fact one of the goals on my list is to drop a dress size.  This goal always finds it way onto my  News Years Resolutions list but I never really do too much about achieving this aim.  I sort of watch what I eat and I sort of do a little exercise by going to a fun dance class or two.  Every so often I step on the scales and wonder why I haven’t lost any weight.  Does this sound like you?

How many times have you said ‘I wish I could lose weight but I don’t have the time’ or ‘I did everything I was supposed to but nothing worked’?

Weight Watchers Here I Come!

Well this year I thought that I would take action and learn how to lose weight properly by signing up with Weight Watchers.

2012 is about learning how to create a system that works in order to achieve my goals.  One thing I am slowly starting to discover is that in order to achieve your goals you need to be able to answer the following three questions:

  • What is My Goal?
  • What Do I Need To Do To Achieve This Goal?
  • When Do I want To Achieve This By?

This can be applied to almost any situation so I am going to see if this approach will work for me.

What is My Goal?

  • My goal is to lose 12lbs

What Do I Need To Do To Achieve This Goal?

  • I will join Weight Watchers program
  • I will set up a regular exercise schedule that suits me so that I will stick to it.
  • I will join a weight loss forum to provide and give support to like minded people.
  • I will find a friend who is also motivated to lose weight too.

When Do I want To Achieve This By?

  • By 31st March

So I have signed up for Weight Watchers Online. Actually I registered via  It is a cashback site which pays you if you order products or services through their links.  This is therefore a no-brainer for me.  I get the opportunity to sign up to an internationally known weight loss program and gain all that knowledge and assistance for free.

Everyone Now Knows

This public declaration of my intent will hopefully help me to stay on track and focussed on the goal. Wish me luck.

So do you have your own goal that you hope to achieve?  Can you apply the three questions above to your own situation?  Does it work? Leave a comment and share your own experiences.

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