How to Make Money as a PLR Affiliate

How To Make Money as a PLR Affiliate

In the post, How To Make Money with PLR I mentioned that there are two ways to make money selling PLR.

You can set up your own website and offer PLR articles or you can sign up as an affiliate for other PLR providers and sell their products.

You will receive a commission, on average around 50% for each purchase made via your affiliate link.

I use both methods and it is always a lovely suprise to get an affiliate sale notification pop up in my email inbox.

Today I want to go into details about what you can do to make money as a PLR affilate.

Find Other PLR Providers
The first thing you need to do is to find out who the other providers are in the marketplace.

If you know about PLR, then you should already know about some of the providers.  You may have even purchased PLR articles to use for your own websites, ebooks and email marketing campaigns.

Sometimes you may know of one particular provider and find that they have adverts for other writers on their blog. Click on those links and you may discover new PLR writers.

Subscribe To Other PLR Provider Lists
Once you have made a list of other PLR providers, subscribe to their site. This is a great way to start a relationship with these writers.

Many of the established providers will have some great freebie offer when you sign up so you could get your hands on some good quality articles that you could use for your own website.

The free offer is also a good way for you to evaluate the quality of the writing, if you have not purchased products from this particular writer yet.

Look for a Link To The PLR Affiliate Page
In order to make money as an affiliate, the PLR provider has to have an affiliate programme set up.  Visit the different websites on your list and look for a link that lets you sign up.  The link should send you to a page that explains the type of affiliate programme that is available, what type of things you are allowed to promote, how much commission you will make for each sale made through your link and when you will receive payment.

Each provider has his or her own rules on how they run their affiliate programme so make sure to read through the terms and conditions.

You will be provided with your own special affiliate link which you can use on your website or when you send out emails.

Some affiliate programmes are well established and the PLR providers have been very nice and provided some email templates that you can use to advertise their offerings.

Start Letting People Know
Now  that you have your affiliate link in place, you have the option of writing blog posts for the different PLR packs on offer or you can let your list know via emails.

The benefits of writing a blog post is that it is fresh content on your website with a keyword specific url link.  New people who visit your website via the search engines or a link that they find somewhere, like in a forum post or comment post, will be able to learn about these products.

The benefits of lettting your list know via email is that you can let your subscribers know about the latest, freshest PLR products hot off the press.

My PLR Affiliate Programme – Blatant Plug Alert!
The PLR BoutiqueI had my website The PLR Boutique running for a few months before I took the plunge and set up an affiliate programme.

I took some great advice from other PLR providers and I was still a little scared. But I did it anyway :)

If you are interested in selling PLR, then why not sign up to my affiliate programme?  CLICK RIGHT HERE for more info.

Some Great PLR Providers with Affiliate Programmes
I couldn’t end this post without adding links to some great PLR providers, who have affiliate programmes.

If you haven’t already, then go and sign up today.  Provide your list with the opportunity of buying new articles and create an additional income stream for yourself.

Have Your Say:  Have you had success promoting PLR products as an affiliate? Do you have an affiliate programme on your own PLR website?  Let me know in the comments below.

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