How To Make Money With Kindle Books

It’s So Easy To Get That First Kindle Book PublishedHow To Publish a Kindle Book on Amazon

If you are thinking about whether to try making money with Kindle Books, I would like to say go for it. Anyone can do it. Basically, if you can write a blog post, you can put together a Kindle book.

This is one of the streams of income that I am working on at the moment. I write short books, fiction and non-fiction, upload them to Amazon and sit back, waiting for the income to roll in. Sort of  :)

Below I will explain the process that I go through in order to get my little book out there. After reading this, I hope that you feel inspired to try it for yourself. It is not that hard and you have nothing to lose.

How it All Started
People have been making money with Kindle books for a few years now but I was only introduced to this way of earning a passive income last year. I know that I read about this on someone’s blog (can’t remember which one) and they made it sound so simple. I decided that I would give it a go.

If you are thinking about trying it, here are a few steps that will get that first book out in the public.

Think of Your First Book as an Extended Blog PostWrite your first kindle book
If you are worried about what sort of thing you could write about, do what I did. I wrote about something I knew about – me. LoL. Well, it is a subject that I could go on about for days and days :)

I wrote about something that I did, which I felt could be of interest to others. I worked as a Summer Camp Counselor in America and I wrote about the experience.

As this is an exercise in getting your first kindle book published write something that comes easy to you.

How Long Should a Kindle Book Be?
Now people will argue about how long a book should be. This will all depend on the topic area. The most important thing is for people to feel like they are gettnig their money’s worth. If you are worried that your book will not be long enough, just set it at a lower price and state how many words it contains. Then customers will know exactly what they are getting before they click the Purchase Button.

My first book, Summer Camp Jobs -(How to Have the Best Summer Ever Working As a Camp Counsellor in America) is around 4,000 words. This is very short. It is, like I said, more of an extended blog post. But I mention in the Amazon blurb that it is a short book and the price is low too.

Shoul You Use Your Real Name or a Pen Name?
Sign Your NameIf you are worried about whether to publish under your real name, then choose a pen name. There are lots of people who write under a pen name so this isn’t a real issue.

If you do use your real name then decide that you don’t want that book associated with it, you can unpublish the thing and no harm done. Then republish it under a pen name.

At the moment I write in 3 different genres and I have used my own name, a variation of my name and a pen name. I know that I will use more pen names in the future as it helps to keep the different topic areas separate and will help you look like an authority in a specific area.

Time To Make a Book Cover for Your Creation
Now, as this is your first effort, you may want to do this on the cheap. The cheapest way is to create your own book cover. You can throw together something using your computer imaging software programme or grab a free image and work with that.

Proof Read, Format and Upload Your Creation
Now you have the words and your front cover, it is time to proof read your extended article. One way that you can pick up on any spelling and grammar issues is if you leave the piece to rest for a couple of days then come back and have a read through. Naturally, it would be great if you could afford a professional editor, but just keep in mind that this is a practice run.

About My Own Kindle Publishing Experience
As you can see from my example, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. The artwork is pretty basic. I grabbed a free image, added the title and saved it as a jpeg.

The result is that the size of the book cover is all wrong, the image doesn’t really stand out and when viewd as a thumbnail on the Amazon site,  the writing is quite small on the cover.

But remember, this was my first attempt and I just wanted to make it through the whole process.

Set Up a KDP Account on Amazon
I  then went through the process of registering for a KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) account with Amazon. This is fairly straight forward.

Amazon has produced their own free guide on how to do this. CLICK HERE for more info.  You need to fill in your real details, including your home address and your bank details so that you can get paid your earnings by direct deposit. If you are not in the USA, then you have to wait for cheques to be dispensed and delivered.

How To Add Your Book To Amazon
The Amazon’s guide book and website will help you add your book to the website. You have to input the book title, the author, the subject categories and a few keywords.

You also have the space to write a blurb about your book. I purchased a couple of ‘How To’ books to help me with the blurb and to upload the book and image.

There is a cool programme that lets you see what your book will look like when it is downloaded by a customer. You can preview your book then make any alterations you need, then upload it again until you are happy. It stays in draft mode until you click the Publish Button.

The last thing you have to do is to set your price. if this is your first book, I would set it at 99 cents.

Congratulations on Publishing Your First Kindle Book on Amazon
So there you have it. My book has been available for sale since 13th June 2012. It is not a best seller at all but it was an excellent excercise.

I intend to overhaul all of my short books so that they have professioanl looking covers and are more appealing to customers.

Now that I have gone through the process, I am confident in doing it again and again. I hope to add more books on different topics, both fiction and non-fiction.  I may even venture into outsourcing so that this is a real money making venture.

Click Here to see some of my other short Kindle Books.  The ones with the pen name are not listed.

The Burning Question – How Much Have I Made with This Book?Money Rolls in with Kindle
Since this book has been published I have made the grand total of ….. if you want to find out, you will have to sign up to my list 😉

Just fill in your details below and I will let you know in my Weekly roundup blog this weekend.

Are You Ready To Write a Kindle Book?
Has the above information whetted your appetite? Do you think you are ready to get your first book published on Amazon? I hope that this has made you realise how easy it is to do.

Have Your Say: Does writing a kindle book appeal to you? Have you already had some experience? If so, how did it go? Let me know in the comments.

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