How To Make Money With PLR

Why Building a PLR Business Makes Sense

In my last blog post, I mentioned that one of the ways that I hope to make money online is by building a PLR business.  This post will look at the following:

What is a PLR Business

  • The Advantages of Starting a PLR Business
  • How To Make Money With a PLR Business
  • Is a PLR Business Right for You
  • Where I Am Right Now

What is a PLR Business
A PLR business is basically where you offer a collection articles for sale.  These articles can be on a variety of topics and subjects and can be used for a wide range of things, including blog posts, ebook content, auto responder mail outs and whatever else requires written content.

PLR stands for Private Label Rights.  This is the term used to define the rights that come with purchasing PLR articles.  The type of rights that are sold with the articles can be different depending on who you buy from but the general rights are as follows.

In general PLR articles can be:

  • Published with your name on it
  • Edited as you wish
  • Used for autoresponders, blogs, newsletters or website posts
  • Used for free or paid ebooks or reports

PLR articles can not be:

  • Sold to others with PLR rights
  • Published with the PLR writer’s name on it

The Advantages of Starting a PLR Business
The main advantage of starting up your own PLR business is that you can produce content once and you can sell these articles many times over. This is fantastic because you basically do the work once and then you are able to earn a passive income.

You can decide to create a website and offer articles on one particular subject area, like fitness. Or you can write about a whole range of topics under different categories.

How To Make Money With a PLR Business
There are two ways to make money with a PLR business.  You can sell your own articles and / or you can sell other people’s articles.

Option One – Sell Your Own Articles
The simple answer to this is that you sell your articles and you make money.  The hard part is getting your articles in front of the eager buying public.  Once you have achieved this, you just need to ensure that you are producing content that people need and that they are looking for.

The ideal way to ensure that people know about your product is to create a list of potential buyers.  This can be done by adding a subscribe box on your website and by advertising in different places, for example the Warrior Forum.  This is a place where several PLR providers create special offers.

If you are looking to build a list, you may want to provide a free offer, which people have to sign up for in order to download. The aim of this is to show what you have to offer and hopefully people will be impressed and will start to buy from your product offering.

Option Two – Sell Other People’s Articles
Another great way to make money from PLR articles is to sign up as an affiliate for other PLR providers. You can then earn money for every sale that you send their way.  Most providers will pay around 50% in commission so this can be a lovely way to earn a little extra.

As an affiliate you can decide to write a blog post for your website, adding the appropriate link back to the PLR provider’s website or offer, using your affiliate link. Alternatively you can send out the information via email to your list.

Is a PLR Business Right for You
If you already work as a ghostwriter, then you already have the skills needed to produce PLR articles.  The only difference is that instead of writing specific articles for one particualr client, you will be creating selections of articles to sell to a variety of customers.

If you are unsure how to go about starting your own business, there are lots of really good courses available that that can help you to set up a PLR business with step by step guidance.

Where I Am Right Now
I created my own PLR business.  It is called The PLR Boutique and I offer article packs on a range of topics.

I started my business by purchasing Tiffany Dow’s course called PLR ATM.  ( I will link to my review f this product in once I have it published.) This provided all the guidance I needed, with step by step PDFs and videos too.

I got my site up and running and even ran a few WSOs (Warrior Forum Special Offers), building a list using a free PLR pack as a sign up incentive.

Unfortunately, as a serial procrastinator, I got stuck and stopped working on the site.  But now it is 2013 and it is time for a reboot.  One of the reasons that I got stuck was because I found it difficult to complete an article pack about topics that didn’t interest me.  I would start the research but I lacked the motivation to absorb the info and write about the subject.

Fortunately I found a solution – outsourcing. I now spend time editing the articles I receive and offering them for sale.

So I am now working to see if I can make a success of my PLR business.  If all goes well, I hope to work on setting up a PLR membership site, which I know is also a very profitable area.

I still see myself as a newbie in this arena, with lots to learn but I am looking forward to the challenge. (yikes).

Have Your Say: Do you have a PLR business?  What are your highs and lows? Are you interested in starting a PLR business?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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