How To Profit from Your Free eBook – 6 Marketing Tips to Improve your Give-away Reports

ebook marketing lesson 101Today I was on a laptop clean-up mission. I decided to go through the free ebooks that I had downloaded in the past and never got round to reading. Some of these ebooks and reports were downloaded back in 2008 when I was just starting my online journey so didn’t really have a clue what I was doing and what most of the lessons in those reports meant.

I am very happy to inform you that I have learned a lot since then and quite a few of the lessons in those reports seem straightforward to me and make a lot more sense.

How To Improve The Marketing Potential of Your Free ebooks
While going through my stock of ebooks, I picked up a few pointers that I thought would be useful for me and for you if you were ever thinking of putting together your own set of free reports.

I mention profiting from your free ebook. The profit that you could potentially gain is more website visitors, more readers and more subscribers to your list.

Here are 6 things that you should always try to include in any report you create.

No.1 – Add A Welcoming Title Page
Simple eBook CoverYou should treat your free product just as you would a paid report. This means presenting it in a professional manner.

It doesn’t take long to add a title page and it doesn’t have to be fancy schmancy. Just adding the title in big bold text is enough.

Top Tip – If you have website branding or a logo, be sure to include this in any and all reports you create. This is a great way to promote your website especially to people who are new to you and what you do.

No.2 – Always Include The Name Of Your Website And A Contact Link
I opened up one of the ebooks on my laptop and it didn’t have a title page so at first I didn’t even know what it was. Then I scanned through the pages in order to find a website name or author name so that this could jog my memory. There was nothing. This ebook was made up of 23 pages and it didn’t have the author’s name anywhere.

I finally found the name of the website owner from one of the affiliate links on the last page but only by hovering over said link.

Top Tip – Add your name and your domain name on the title page and in the footer or header of all the other pages so that it is always in view.

No.3 – Add a Sign Up Link in Your eBook
Subscribe To My NewsletterIf your report is free to download without the need for someone to subscribe to your blog, you should definitely include a sign up and subscribe link inside. You can add this near the front or the back of the report.

People who have enjoyed your report will be more than willing to subscribe if they have found the information to be helpful to them so make it easy for them to do so.

Top Tip – Add a sign up link that is clear and bold.

No.4 – Add an About The Author Section
If your ebook has been shared, new readers may not know who you are. You want to introduce yourself so include an About Me section with a couple of sentences about you, your blog and the service you provide. You could even add a lovely photo of yourself so that people can connect your website with your name and your face. People tend to be curious folk and this could help get someone to click to your website to find out more.

Top Tip – You can add this section after the title page or at the end of your report. Doesn’t matter where as long as you include it.

No.5 – Add a Please Share Paragraph
If you want more than the people who visit your site to benefit from your free download, add a Please Share message in the report so that people know that it is OK to forward. This is another reason why it is so important to include your name, website address and any branding you have.

No.6 – Include Images
Use Images in Your ebookThere are a few reasons why you should add images to your report. One is that it helps to break up great big chunks of text. A lot of people will be reading the report on their computers and adding images will make it much easier on the eye.

Another reason is that images can be used as an aid when it comes to providing step by step instructions. You may find that one or two pictures can save you having to write 2 pages of text in order to explain the same thing.

Images also help those readers who are more visual learners as opposed to text based learners. You can create your own images, using screenshots or you can use free images from places like Flickr or Always check that these photos are free to use.

In Closing
So there you have it. By including the above tips in your next free ebook new and existing visitors to your blog will always know exactly which website they downloaded the product from, who the author is and that they can share your reader friendly reports with their own social circles.

I haven’t always included all of these things in the past but after going through my archive file, I realise how effective these marketing steps can be so I will be included each tip from now on :)

Have Your Say: What do you think of these marketing tips? Do you use any of them? Do you have any more to add? Please share in the comments section below.

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