90 Day Product Creation Challenge – Week Four – How To Write a Sales Page

90 Day Product Creation Challenge - Week FourWe are entering week four of the 90 Day Product Creation Challenge and the main thing that I wanted to work on this week was how to write a sales page.

I wanted to start work on a rough draft because I have never written a sales page before. I needed to find out what is needed.

The Aim a Sales Page
The job of a sales page is to help someone to decide whether or not to give your product a go. They need to be able to read what you have written or listened to your video and come away thinking that you understand exactly what it is they need help with and that your product is the answer to their prayers.

We all want a quick fix and we want easy solutions. These are the answers that people are looking for.

Your product has to be able to allay any and all fears. People want to know that:

  • Your product is easy to use
  • Your product is easy to buy
  • Your product will solve their problem (s)
  • Your product will provide results within the time frame promised.

So no pressure then 😉

I did a quick Google search and looked at a variety of sales pages for different types of products. I compared and contrasted them. I took note of the things that I liked and what I could incorporate in my own sales page.

Important Features of a Sales Page
While looking at how others have created sales pages, I came up with the following points that all sales page should or could include. These may help you when you are ready to write your own sales page.

Your Headline Should Be Very Clear
Don’t make it too clever or people might be confused about what you are offering. People do not want to have to think about the message you are trying to convey. Get to the point.

Tell People What Problem Your Product Will Solve
Again, make sure that this is really clear so that people can read it and think “yes, this is a problem that I really want to figure out”.

Your Sales Page Should Sell The Benefits And Desired Outcome
People don’t care about product features. They want to know how this product will work for their situation.

Write In Your Own Conversational Style
A great way to start off a sales page is with a story. This story could include who you are, how you came up with the product and why you came up with this product. People Buy from People so let the customer know who they are buying from.

Get Rid of That Sales Pitch Style
Whether people are shopping in a shopping mall or online they do not like to be sold to so try to reduce the salesy pitch and tone on your sales page. The way you write your sales page may be different according to the market area you are in.

It is a good idea to take a look at similar product sales pages within your target market so that you can compare styles. For example, if you were promoting a “How To Get Dates” product for men, the language style may have a radically different tone than it would if you were promoting this product to women.

Add A Very Clear Call To Action
People need to know what you want them to do when they reach the end of the sales page. Add a very clear call to action, whether it is to subscribe, to buy or to CLICK HERE. Point people in the right direction or they will just click off your page and go elsewhere.

Include Images and Video
Using video, a slide show or some interesting and relevant images can help to make your sales page come alive. You can decide whether you would like to talk directly to your potential customers or use a slide show to convey your message. Adding relevant images throughout the page also helps break up the text.

Break Up The Text With Bullet Points, Arrows, Highlighted Text
Be sure to leave lots of white space on the sales page so that people are not forced to look at a wall of words, words words. The use of bullet points, arrows and highlighted text all help draw the eyes to the important features throughout the sales pages.

In Closing
The perfect sales page is not easy to construct. The aim to provide as much information as possible, so that people feel certain that they can trust in the product and hit that” Buy” button.

My draft sale page isn’t looking too bad at the moment. I need to add a more conversational tone but the bones are in place. I look forward to tweaking it as I get closer to completing my product. This is all very exciting :)

Have Your Say: Do you have experience of writing sales pages? What else would you include? I would love you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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