I Am Creating an Online Hub for Everything I Do

Who is VictoriaToday I have been busy working on a website that I have had for just over a year.  I got the domain because I knew that I wanted to use it for something but I wasn’t quite sure what.

Now I have realised that I can use it as a hub to house all of my online interests.  The name of the website is called:

Victoria Virgo

That’s right. I purchased my name domain. When I started writing here at My Daily Cuppa, I was quite content to be anonymous. I also didn’t want to purchase my domain name because I didn’t know what direction I wanted to go in.  Now I do not have to decide on the direction because I can link out to all my other interests.

Using Pagelines WordPress Theme – The Free Option

Pagelines ThemeI was introduced to the Pagelines theme by Bonnie Gean. She had mentioned that it was really easy to use and could be adapted to look just the way you wanted to.

There was a very handy video that went through most of the functions and explained how things worked.  That video actually went through the process of recreating the look of someone else’s professionally designed website.  The end result was excellent. Although that design was achieved using the paid version, there is still a lot of versatility with the free option.

My New & Improved Work in Progress Website

(This picture is certainly getting a lot of use – lol)

Victoria Virgo Website


I was trying to base the look of the site on two websites that I really admired. They belong to Amy Lynn Andrews and Jess Lively at With Intention.

I love the clean lines of both of these sites and the choice of colours and images. I am still playing around with my site so all the images that are currently there will change and the new ones be aligned properly. These are being used as placeholders while I am working out placement of images, links and text etc.

I also need to get a much better feature photo.  I’m gonna take myself off to the hairdressers, get my hair done and dress for success. :)

With this new website, I am following in Barney’s footsteps and I am enjoying experimenting with the site’s layout and colours.  I have lots to do still but I am glad to have made a start. :)

Do You Have an Online Hub for Everything You Do?

I know that there are lots of sites where you can create online portfolios to house your different websites and link out to your different interests and such.  You don’t have to pay for a separate domain name to do the same thing.  I was wondering if anyone has tried them out?

Maybe your main website connects out to everything else that you do already.  I would love to know if you feel it is a good idea to have a central place to send people to.

Have Your Say: Are you using your own name as a domain? Did you always know you would? Why have you chosen not to use your name in the URL? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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