I See Your Dream Job by Sue Frederick

I am not a big fan of all things mystical or using breathing techniques to find the meaning of life but I am a sucker for self help books.  When I went on holiday, I picked up this book called I See Your Dream Job by Sue Frederick.  The reason that this book interested me at the time is because I have gone through a series of jobs and careers that have been OK but I didn’t feel 100% content.

Well, after completing this book, it felt like I had a revelation.  Basically it explains the type of personality you have and the sort of careers best suited to you based on the numerology of your date of birth, star sign and what part of the career cycle you happen to on at this precise moment in time.

There is a section in the book that gives your reasons why you are not happy in your career and what your true destiny is and how to discover it.

After following the instructions and doing the homework suggested in the book I discovered the following things:

  • What my Birth Path is
  • Where I am on my own life cycle
  • What my talents are according to my Birth Path
  • What my dream career consists of
  • What action to take next

My Birth Path has been identified as being a 4 and/or 22.  According to the book, I have the following strength;

Practicality, self discipline, strength and determination, effective at developing efficient systems and the skills and willingness to help and inspire others.

My weaknesses include getting lost in the details, which is sooo true.

The book breaks down your life cycle as a continuous loop that begins every nine years. Each year different aspects of your life are affected or influenced which also spills over into your private life and your career.  I am currently in the 8th year of the life cycle, which states that this is the time to take action and start promoting whatever it is that you are working on. This resonates with me because I started my PLR business, a website selling articles written by me. This has been fun but a little scary and so far all is going well.

My Birth Path talents include the ability to organise, work hard, focus, overcome through determination and help to bring inspired new thinking to everyday challenges.

According to the book, my dream career includes the need to build things from scratch and to teach new ways of living.

The book also includes real life case studies about people who were struggling to find their true destiny and their true career paths.  It is also to read about how others have been able to transform their lives.

The book contains lots of exercises for you to go through in order to help you focus and really understand what makes you happy.  It helps to guide you towards your true purpose.

I really enjoyed this book because it helped me to reaffirm a few things I already knew about myself and it also helped motivate me to get on and live the life that I really want.

If you are thinking about whether to buy I See Your Dream Job by Sue Frederick, I would recommend this book 100% for anyone who feels that they are at a crossroad in their lives. There are some parts of the book that didn’t interest me, what I would call naval gazing, but there was still enough in there to make it a worthwhile read.  As long as you take some action after reading it, then this book has done its job.

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