Inspirational Marketing Lessons from My Sister

BopandBoogie-2013Online marketing and offline marketing have one major thing in common and that is that you have to take action in order to see what works and what doesn’t.

Today’s post was inspired by the actions that my sister has taken and is taking in order to forge ahead with her own passion and business.

Her name is Pamela (that’s her on the right with her partner in crime, Sabrina) and she is the big cheese behind Bop and Boogie, a start up company that aims to entertain and educate children and promote fitness in fun ways, through the use of original songs and dance.

She is a great example of a go getter who has experience of the following three things, which we all need to do in order to push our own businesses forward.

Below I have outlined three specific areas that we all need to consider when looking to push our own businesses forward. I have then explained how my sister has taken action and the results.

Three Things You Should Consider When Building Your Business

  • Offer Your Product or Service for Free
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Change Direction
  • Do It Scared

Offer Your Product or Service For Free
BopandBoogie2013If you think you have a great idea but you are not sure whether other people will agree, one way to test the waters is to offer your product or service for free.

The benefits are that you will find out if people take up the offer and then you can try to get some feedback from them.

What My Sister Did
Our local shopping centre has something called the Weenies Club, which operates during the school holidays. The club offers a two day event where parents can sign up their children to take part in activities including face painting, drawing and one other activity.

My sister offered to do a children’s workshop for free. At the end of the event the parents had to fill in a feedback form and the promotoer told her that the workshop had recieved an overwhelming amount of positive reviews.

The end result: She did a second free session and the third time, she was offered payment for her involvement, with the possibility of future work.

The Takeaway Lesson
Give away your product or service for free and if people are happy with what you provide, they will be willing to pay.

Don’t Be Afraid To Change Direction
This is an interesting one. A few people who are taking part in the 90 Day Product Creation Challenge have mentioned that they have decided to change the type of product they want to create. Reasons have varied and have included the following:

  • Being bored with the original idea
  • No real demand for that original product idea

What My Sister Did
BoopandBoogieAs a qualified dance teacher, Pamela decided to offer dance classes for adults. She found that there wasn’t that much on offer unless you wanted to travel into the heart of London.

While taking part in the Crodyon event, she asked parents if they would be interested in signing up for dance classes. Some showed a little spark of interest but the majority asked if she offered dance classes for children because they would really be happy to pay for that.

The Takeaway Lesson
There is nothing wrong with changing your product offering, especially when you discover that there is more demand for one product than your original idea. As long as you are happy to make these changes, go for it.

Do It Scared
Do you have a list of things that you would like to try but you are slightly afraid of what others will think or you are worried about how you will look? There is only one solution to this problem and you might not like the answer; Feel the fear but do it anyway.

That’s right. You have to get over your fear because there is never going to come a time when you won’t feel afraid. I know that I was really nervous to put myself out there in Video Land and I knew that that fear wasn’t going to go away. I plucked up the courage and did it. And guess what? I survived. Hurrah!

What My Sister Did
Although she was excited about working at our local shopping centre, it was still very daunting to have to get up there and entertain up to 50 children with their parents sitting on the sidelines watching your every move.

She and her friend plucked up their courage, went out there and everyone had a fantastic time. She admits that there is always a little bit of nerves in the beginning but it gets easier each time and the wonderful feedback and appreciative smiles from the parents makes it all worth it.

YouTube Preview Image

The Takeaway Lesson
Everyone feels scared and it is quite normal. Acknowledge that feeling, take a deep breath and just go for it. The feeling of accomplishment that you will have after you have taken that step will make it all worth it.

In Closing
I love the idea of taking inspiration from the actions of others. I love reading about what people out there in the interwebs are doing and the goals that they have achieved. It makes it all the sweeter to have an example of great inspiration so much closer to home.

She might be my little sister but Miss Pamela has a big heart and she is working towards making her own dreams come true by taking action and going for it. Can you say the same?

Have Your Say: Is there anyone in your own life who inspires you to just go for it? Have you recently done something that scared you but you did it anyway? Let me know in the comments section below.

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