The Job Hunt Begins

The job hunt begins

One of my goals this year is to get a new, better paying job and I can now happily say that the job hunt is officially off the starting blocks.  I have finally filled in a job application form and have now emailed it!  I have seen 3 jobs of interest so far and the deadline for the other two applications are at the end of the week so I will need to get started on those soon.

I have been an actress for the past 8 years, working as an office temp as and when I needed to.  It has therefore been a very long time since I have had to complete a job application form.  A temping agency simply calls you up, tells you when and where your next job assignment is and off you go.  Now I have to start selling myself on paper.  This has certainly been very tough on the old grey cells.  Trying to sound confident and well qualified without coming across as a suck-up or a show-off.

Anyhow – the first application is now out there and I have to get on with the others as well as continue the search for other opportunities.  Wish me luck.

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