Keyword Research 101

Keyword Research 101

Another day, another decision regarding my desire to create money making niche websites.

I have come to the realization that I haven’t completely come to grips with writing targeted articles or choosing keywords for lucrative money making niches.

I have therefore decided that I need to give myself the opportunity of learning how to correctly identify good keywords to select.

I will start another blog using blogger. Here I will write a keyword targeted blog post as well as an article for one of the article directories. Finally I will write a squidoo page. I will then end up with a blog post that will have 2 backlinks.

This experiment will show me how long it will take for either my articles, my blog post or squidoo lens to get ranked in the Google results pages and if I can achieve placement within the top 10 results. If I choose the right keywords then this should be nice and straight forward. If I don’t achieve top ten, this will show that I am going after the wrong type of keyword and that I need to relearn how to pick correctly.

I don’t expect to make any online money during this time but I feel it really is best to learn how to walk before I try to run.

No need to keep spending money on domain names, which end up making little or no Adsense money because of my lack of keyword knowledge.

So it is back to school for me. Keyword research 101, here I come.

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