[KINDLE BOOK PROMOTION] Diary of a Vaughan Town Volunteer – My Free Trip to Spain* – FREE TO DOWNLOAD

Diary of a Vaughan Town Volunteer in Spain - Victoria-VirgoTo mark the end of August 2013, I am having a FREE BOOK PROMOTION and $0.99 sale!

The book that is available to download for free is Diary of a Vaughan Town Volunteer – My Free Trip to Spain*

About The Book
At just under 15,000 words, this bijou diary will give you a snapshot of what I experienced when I decided to take a chance and sign up as an English volunteer for Vaughan Town in Spain.

It’s a fun little read and I hope that it will make you chuckle a little.

My Free Trip to Spain*
* Nothing in life is 100% free. The only costs I incurred were my return flight to Madrid and the accommodation I needed before and after the course.

This book will be FREE Thursday 29 – Saturday 31 August 2013.

Please Download The Book
It would be great if you could download the book, even if you don’t think it is your type of thing. The flurry of people downloading it helps to bring attention and to get the book listed under different search categories.

Click Here to Download from Amazon USA

Click Here to Download from Amazon UK

Please Leave A Comment on Amazon
It would be lovely if you did read the book and then left a comment on the Amazon sales page. Testimonials really help other prospective buyers to make the decision to hit the BUY BUTTON. I would be ever so grateful for your input :)

Check out the glowing feedback that Pete left – CLICK RIGHT HERE

All My Other Books Cost $0.99
All my other books will all be available for $0.99. That means that a couple of them have been reduced in price for these three days. There is a mixture of fiction, non-fiction and books for children.


FREE GIFT OFFER – For People Who Download Any Book
Free Gift on OfferI have been going through my collection of books and adding a FREE GIFT OFFER. The link takes people to an opt in page, where I hope they will be persuaded to sign up. They will receive notification of new books as well as the free gift, which is actually an excerpt of a book I am working on.

If you are on my list, you will receive a copy of this in my next email. If you are not on the list, go and download the book, click on the link and see what I am going on about.

UPCOMING NEWS – New Book(s) on The Horizon
Next Short Story - in the worksI have a few books sitting on my computer at the moment. They all need to be edited and sorted out.

I hope to have a brand new little one ready to publish in the month of September.

These books are fun to put together. They may not be big money spinners but every little bit helps towards the funds.

My Kindle Book Case Study
This is going to be the last piece in the puzzle with regards to the kindle book case study I started a few months ago. I have been writing about my journey and the process of writing kindle books and getting them published. Sometime in September, I will complete the study and produce this report, which will be available for free to my subscribers.

If you are interested in the results, sign up and I will let you have it when it is done.

That’s me done for today. Don’t forget to download my book, CLICK HERE –  its FREE doncha know!  Let me know what you think :)

Have Your Say: Have you started your own Kindle book writing journey? Does this interest you at all? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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