Learning All About Pinterest – Time to Update My Page and Get Connected

PinterestToday I wanted to go and work on my Pinterest Account.  I sent this up a while ago and used it to add links whenever I created a new Squidoo lens.  I tried to learn a little bit more about the site but didn’t get very far.

But today I am trying again.  I have headed over there and I have made the following amendments:

  • I added a photo image to the profile
  • I added my name to the profile instead of MDC
  • I have added a pin page for this website
  • I have started looking for people to follow

The people I wish to follow are naturally those within my niche and those who represent my other interests.

 A Tip on Adding New Friends

If you have connected your Pinterest account with your Facebook and/ or Twitter account you are able to locate your friends easily and quickly.  Just go to drop down menu on the right hand side, scroll down to “Find Friends and the next page will have a Facebook and Twitter button.

Click on either of those and a list of your friends will appear.  Then just click on the Follow button underneath each name.

Alternatively you can type the name in the search bar on the left hand side.

My Pinterest Page So Far

Pinterest Cover Page for My Daily CuppaThis is what my page looks like at the moment.  I need to find out if there is a way to organise the boards as I would prefer to have my website board at the beginning.  If anyone knows, please get in touch.

I am not sure how heavily this social media platform will feature in my day to day life because I haven’t been used to using it.  A good idea at the moment would be to go and pin a few more of my own posts.

Ok, it’s time to go look for other pinners, boarders, pinteresters???  Is there a lingo to go with using Pinterest? This something I will not doubt find out along the way. :)

Have Your Say:  Are you on Pinterest? How are you enjoying the experience? Let me know in the comments below.

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