Learning Spanish – Week Two

My first week of learning Spanish has been and gone.  Onto week two and this was a very interesting class.  It was very clear to see that there were two distinct levels of Spanish comprehension.  This could make future lessons difficult because the level will either be too easy for some and too hard for others.

Our teacher said that she would speak with the course director to see if they could figure out a solution.  Maybe spliting the class in two, though that would surely incur an additional cost.  Well, we shall see.

This is what I got done, Spanish learning – wise.

Language Tasks Completed This Week

  • Got To Know Two of My Classmates
  • The Spanish Lesson – Week Two – Prepositions
  • Listening to Spanish Podcasts
  • Watched Sex and the City in Spanish
  • Spanish Exchange Group

Got to Know Two of My Classmates

This week I was determined to connect with other members of the class.  I went to the lesson, sat down at the first available chair and joined in the conversation. (I was late, the teacher was late – no matter).

I got talking to two lovely women and discovered that one had already visited Spain and completed a language immersion course there. She has also made arrangements to spend New Year’s with the people she met on her course.  The other thing I found out is that she is German.  Now I have someone I can practice my German with. :)

The other woman I spoke to is from France.  She came to London to fully immerse herself in the language.  She was only supposed to be here for 6 months.  Two years later she has settled in quite nicely and has no plans to return to France any time soon.

The Spanish Lesson – Week Two – Prepositions

We went through a list of the most popular, or rather, most commonly used prepositions.  Then we had to give examples in a sentence.  This is always difficult as we all struggle with vocab.

A very important sentence at the moment is: Como se dice ……? I suppose that means I have to get back to learning lists of new vocab. Que Rollo!

Listening to Spanish Podcasts

I am listening to podcasts from the website Notes in Spanish.  I listen to one each day.  They last about 15-20 minutes each.

So far I have listened to recordings about going on holiday, making comparisons, the family, weekend activities and the summer in Madrid.

The speed is nice and gentle at the moment. I do not understand the whole thing but I pick up most of each recording and I am learning new words too.

Watched Sex and the City in Spanish

I read a blog post that said you should try and find a favourite programme and watch it in your target language. I love Sex and the City and thanks to people who uploaded all the seasons on Youtube, I can go and watch it in Spanish.

The first thing I found, after getting used to not hearing Sarah Jessica Parker’s voice, was that the speed of the language is sooooo fast.It is actually difficult to distinguish the different words, let alone understand what is being said.

I will not give up though. I intend to re-watch bits so that I can pick up another word, each time around.

Spanish Exchange Group

I have found two Spanish exchange groups and have made contact. One is no good because they meet at the same time as my lesson.

The other group could work but I am unable to attend next week as I have a prior engagment. This sounds like an interesting and organised group so I hope to meet with them in a couple of weeks.

So that’s my Spanish language adventure for this week. Once I get over this cold that I have and my voice is no longer croaky, I will be making my first Spanish language video.  I can’t wait. Hasta luego!

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