Lessons Learned From a Free Exhibition

This week I went to the Ideal Home Exhibition.  This is an annual event where businesses advertise their home wares.  I was fortunate to bag a couple of free tickets, which were advertised on a moneysaving website called Moneysaving Expert.com.

I had hoped to walk away with a few freebies and try some need foods and beverages.  Unfortunately this exhibition was all about selling.  There were certainly plenty of people who left with shopping bags filled with Christmas baubles and other home interior items.  The price point was much higher than I would ever pay for things, even with the added discount that they all offered.

There were two highlights of the whole day. Both had very little to do with the exhibition.

Fantastic Free Entertainment On Offer

The London Community Gospel Choir performed and were absolutely amazing.  The area was filled with onlookers and everyone had a smile on their face.  The songs were familiar so my sister and I joined in with all the singing.  I am not a religious person but we always had to sing hymns every day at primary school so there are certain songs that you will never forget.

There was another singing surprise.  It was a showcase performance by the West End cast of Jersey Boys. This is a tribute show about Frankie Vali and The Four Seasons.  The cast sang and danced their way through three songs including “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and “Sherie Baby”. It sounded great, although there did seem to be a little bit of miming especially on those super high notes.

The other surprise of the day was the discovery that another free exhibition was being held just around the corner. It was a business start-up event which seemed to have been the perfect networking opportunity.  I say seemed because we ended up there when everything was winding down.  There were lots of seminars about different areas of business, people to talk to about marketing and creating business plans. There were several banks and online companies in attendance.  It was such a shame that we missed it.

Even though we were only at this particular exhibition for about 30 minutes, I did gain one important lesson.  You need to know how to introduce yourself properly in a networking situation.  I basically stuttered and stumbled when someone asked me what I did for a living!!! Yikes!  So now I am trying to decide on a succinct way to describe myself.

How do you introduce yourself to new people?  By the next post I should have figured this one out. LOL. Writer, blogger, online marketer, procrastinator, actress, yada yada yada.

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