Making Money Writing Short Stories – My Kindle Book Case Study Continues

My Next Kindle Book - Coming SoonI am working on getting my next short fiction story published.

I have lots of bits and pieces on my hard drive and in various notebooks and on scraps of paper.

It is about time that I get them all sorted, finished and published so that other people can see them and hopefully enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

My First Short Fiction
In The Park - short kindle storyI recently published a short story called In The Park. This was a 4,000 word short story which is going to be part of a collection of short stories.

My main aim is to create a book that has a minimum of 10,000 words.Then I will eventually offer it for sale at $2.99.

This is the price point that I want all my books to be eventually as I believe that this provides a  nice profit for each sale.  The profit is about $2 per unit.

My Second Short Fiction
The next step was to get the next short story published. I have just ordered a book cover and I have given the story to my sister to read. She absolutely loved it and it made her laugh out loud. Good thing it’s a comedy eh?

Anyway, I just have to approve the cover art, add the finishing touches and upload it to Amazon’s kindle program. I hope to be able to get that done before the weekend is over. Then I will have one more story to finish up and upload. Those three will then get bundle into a $2.99 offering.

My Kinde Book Compare & Contrast Experiment
Kindle Book ExperimentThe short story, In The Park, is the first short story I have published under my full name but it is not the first fiction story that I have written and uploaded.

I created a set of short stories in the ooh la la erotica arena a while ago. It was a challenge that I set for myself to see if I could actually write that stuff. Well I managed to write a few short stories and published them under a pen name.

This week I have placed one of those short stories in the free kindle promotion program. The difference with this book is that I will be doing even less promotion than I did for In The Pak, (and I didn’t do that much to begin with). I will add this book to one forum and I have a twitter account set up so will do some automated tweets to cover the time period. That’s about it.

Once the promotion is over, I will compare the results of the free downloads with those of In The Park to see what happens. These books will appeal to very different audiences so the results should make for interesting reading.

My Kindle Book Case Study – Free eBook
I haven’t forgotten about the free kindle book case study I promised. As you can see, I still have some things that I want to do before my study is concluded. I will keep you up to date with my progress.

If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up to get your free copy as soon as my study is complete :)

Have Your Say: How is your kindle book writing going? Have you recently published something new? Are you writing something as part of the 90 Day Product Creation Challenge? Let me know in the comments section below.

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