Malory Towers by Enid Blyton

Malory Towers by Enid Blyton

There is a little bookshop that I walk past every day on my way to work.  It is the sort of shop that sells books that have all been marked for clearance.  This makes the majority of stock more than 50% cheaper than in your average bookshop.

Anyway I was very happy to see a set of books that brought me back to my childhood.  It was a series of books written by Enid Blyton and they were about a fictional boarding school called Malory Towers.

There are five books in the set which correspond to each school year.  The stories follow the activities and adventures that a young girl called Darrell Rivers has with her school friends.

I absolutely adored the description of what it must be like to go to a boarding school and all the fun and excitement that it entailed.

The second time round I am very much aware of how quaint everything is and how terribly British and somewhat dated the language is.  It is certainly no Harry Potter,  Hogwarts school or my current favorite, The Twilight collection.

Sometimes it is nice to go back to the past in order to reflect on how much you have changed and how things have changed.  Enid Blyton is still a very popular author among young children and because these books are only about 150 pages each, they are quite quick to read.  They are fun, frivolous and full of innocence describing life in a time gone by.  This is just what is needed on my daily commute to and from work on the train.

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