Mickey Mouse Is My New BFF!

I love Mickey Mouse and the whole Disney Family!

I have just come back from a fantastic 3 week holiday.  I visited my sister, who works for Disney.  I had the opportunity to join her on The Disney Dream cruise ship, which departed from Port Canaveral, Orlando and sailed over to a couple of islands in the Bahamas.

It was wonderful being able to eat as much as I wanted, sleep as long as I wanted, soak up the sun each and every day by the pool or in one of the many sun loungers on the top deck of the ship.

Unfortunately for my sister and her workmates, they had to work 10-12 hour days, every day.  They might have been working ridiculously long days but they still had a smile on their faces when their shift was over.

It was great when I could spend some time with my little sis and I was very proud watching her in her very commanding managerial position.  She is a great team leader and her staff absolutely loved her. It was really nice to hear all the compliments that they had for her and how she would be surely missed when her contract ended.

I definitely wouldn’t mind being invited onboard another Disney Cruise Line and seeing Mickey Mouse and the gang again.

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