Mini Challenge – eBook Creation – Day 4

The Weather Has Turned – Not Nice!

The winter coat and the thick scarf had to come out of storage today.  I really need to hurry up and get my new coat as the old one is looking a little tired.

I was at work all day today but I got a little social media stuff done for my new kindle book and I also liked a few other Amazon books.

Here’s a summary of the other stuff I got done today.

Tasks Completed Today

  • Completed Section 5 & the Conclusion of My Free ebook
  • Made Notes for My Next Challenge

Completed Section 5 & the Conclusion of My Free ebook

I got the next section of my free ebook edited and added a cute little picture.

I had enough time to continue and finish up the conclusion of this bookette too.

I also added a few links to the resources page. These links are for my other websites and other places where people can get in touch with me.

I am happy with the way this ebook is looking and it should be finished tomorrow.

Made Notes for My Next Challenge

The next challenge that I will be doing involves making short youtube videos.  I have had success with with the 30 day blogging challenge and this will also be for 30 days. However, instead of blogging, I will be attempting to create a daily video.

This challenge has been instigated by the fabulous Tiffany Dow and although I am terrified of this particular task, I am also excited about stepping out of my comfort zone.

I made a few notes so that I could organise my thoughts and decide about the content for my first video.

The challenge starts on Monday and I will be linking the video to theisblog so look out for it.

That’s all for today. :)

Have Your Say: What have you achieved today? Do you feel like you are on track? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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