Mini Challenge – eBook Creation – Day 5 – Challenge Completed

Computer Meltdown Loses My eBook!

Yesterday, a strange message popped up on my computer when I was shutting it down.  I didn’t think much of if but when I booted the system up today, I realised that the problem has erased all the work I had done that evening. How very annoying.  That meant I had to re-do the sections of my free ebook and add the images again.

After feeling really pissed off, I recovered, got the work done and continued with the next task.

Tasks Completed Today

  • Finished My Free eBook!
  • Keyword Research for Next Squidoo Lens
  • Organised My Blogging Schedule

Finished My Free eBook – Hurrah!

After getting over the debacle of losing some of my work yesterday, I soldiered on and completed the last sections. This included the conclusion page, the resource links list page and the feedback page.

I added a little colour to the book cover and have converted the whole thing into a PDF document.

All that is left for me to do is to:

  • Zip the file,
  • Upload it to my website
  • Add the image and link to the subscribe section of this blog
  • Add the download link to my email auto responder

Guess what? I feel a new mini challenge coming. lol.  Watch this space.

Keyword Research for Next Squidoo Lens

I want to create at least two squidoo lenses per week, using Erica Stone’s Squid Pro Quo guide book.  So I started thinking about topics that would be good money makers.

I know that I want to create lenses for the Christmas shoppers, I want to make a set of lenses to complement the cooking challenge that I will be doing and I want to make a set of toy lenses as toys always sell well all year round, but particularly well coming up to the holiday season.

I have two squidoo topics ready to go, so I can get going straight away tomorrow.

Organised My Blogging Schedule

One thing about having an extensive “To Do” list is that it can be very overwhelming.  It is very easy to say that you will get everything done but then suddenlyyou feel bogged down by the pressure and give up. This is something that I want to avoid. I do not want to put too much on my plate otherwise nothing will get done.

I have devised a blogging schedule that should help me to stay on track. This is what I propose:

  • Monday – Friday I will write a daily blog post and make two squidoo lenses
  • Saturday I will schedule a blog post about a topic to be determined
  • Sunday I will write up and post my Newsletter.

This is not set in stone so the schedule is subject to change.

That’s it for today. :)

Have Your Say: Would a set schedule help you to stop procrastinating? Would it help you to get more things done? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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