Getting Back On The Make Money Online Horse

Getting back on the make money online horse

I have not done very much work on my niche sites for a few days. It was difficult to stay motivated for two reasons. One is because, like any newbie, I keep checking my Adsense account hoping to see lots of money but end up a little disappointed. And two – I had a bit of a nightmare when I tried to update my wordpress sites to the latest versions.

I know very little about the behind the scenes workings of websites and I ended up losing two of my sites completely. I typed in their domain names and was faced with an ERROR screen. Stunned, shaken, scared, I quickly started up a web chat with Bluehost support center, where my sites are hosted, and to my relief, they were able to fix my mistakes, repair any damage and my sites were back on the screen for all to see. I have to give thanks again to they guys at Bluehost, who were very friendly and very helpful.

Understandably, I have been a little wary about getting back to work on these sites but now after reading many many blogs from people who are achieving great things in their lives, I am re-gaining my focus and am back to figuring out how this making money online really works and I hope to be one of the success stories in the very near future.

Wish me luck.

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