Never Be Afraid to Stop, Think & Refocus

stop think refocusI lost my way a little. I forgot that I love to write more than I love the idea of making lots of money. I was being led down paths that didn’t sit well with me. I couldn’t work out why I was so unsettled, restless and unmotivated.

Then it hit me. I realised I was focussing on the wrong thing. I was focussing on making money online instead of thinking about the things that I enjoy about being online.

Today’s Video
In the video I go over a few points made in this post. Shout out to Cynthia at The New Internet Marketer. Enjoy :)

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I Do Want To Make Money Online But……..
Making money online is what I want to ultimately achieve but I want to do it in a way that brings me joy. I can’t be doing something just because it might pay really well. I might as well go get a permanent 9-5 job instead so that I can be guaranteed that monthly salary without having to think much.

I love to communicate with others, be that through writing or my mini videos. I love to share my opinions, my view point and to share advice or lessons that I have learned that could be of benefit to others. If I can help by writing then that’s what makes me happy.

My Writing Has Improved Over The Years
I have written a few books and published them via Amazon. Althouth they will never provide a full time income, they make me really proud. I feel so much joy when I look at what I have accomplished. The idea that I could write 3,000 words, 5,000 words, 10,000+ words and bundle them up as a little book is an amazing achievement, compared to a few years ago when I struggled to string 250 words together for a article.

So it is time to refocus on the things that I love doing. Writing, writing, writing.

Time To Hit The Pause Button On My Niche Site
I recently started work on a Christmas niche site. But I have decided to stop. I realised that I enjoyed writing the articles and even adding them to the blog but I am not that interested in having to go the extra mile – the back-linking strategies, the bookmarking, the in-depth keyword research. That doesn’t interest me in the slightest but it is all necessary if you want to make good affiliate sales with these sites.

It was fun working on my Halloween niche site but that because I got to work on a one off niche site, which I hadn’t done for a while. Then I remembered that I used to have around 80 or 90 niche sites a couple of years ago. After Google changed their search engine algorithms, there was a reason I let them all expire. Lack of interest.

I allowed myself to forget about the boring side of niche site work and got caught up in the excitement of putting a new blog together.

Anyway, I am stepping away from this one and I am happy to do so too.

How I Rediscovered My Joy of Writing
I mentioned in a previous post that I have signed up to a site called Bubblews. Well, I have written a few short articles there and it has reignited my joy for writing. I am writing about all sorts of things. Titbits about my day, my thoughts. It has even given me ideas for future short stories that I can work on for future kindle books.

My Plan Going Forward
I need to work out what I really want to do, what my true purpose is. At the moment, I have worked out what I want to achieve for the rest of this month:

  • I want to edit and publish one of the books that has been sitting patiently on my hard drive.
  • I want to add 3 more article packs to my PLR website
  • I want to continue writing my little posts for Bubblews until I hit payout day
  • I want to get my podcast series started – that’s really scary – Yikes.

Now I know what I want to do for November, I need to work out what I want to get done in 2014. Now that really is scary πŸ˜‰

Have Your Say: Has there ever been a time when you realised that you were doing something that wasn’t making you happy? What did you do to change that? I would love for you to share your thoughts below.

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