New Month – New 30 Day Challenge

Aaaah September! It is the start of a fresh new month (the month of my birth actually) and it is time to try and get some order into my life.

I previously signed up for a couple of 30 day challenges and was 50% successful. One of the challenges was to write a page a day that would go towards creating a new book to publish on Amazon.

I have been doing very well with that. I actually wrote one whole book but wasn’t happy with the overall style. I will go back to it and do a major rethink on the way that I approach the topic. It is a How To book so I want to make sure that it will actually be of help to someone else.

The next book that I have started is a children’s short story. It is fun to let your imagination run away with you. I hope that it will make a fun read once it is finished. A few more bits and pieces to do on that one.

This Month I Challenge Myself To…….

This month I have set myself a personal challenge to try and create a free ebook that I can offer to people  who subscribe to this website.

It has taken a while to figure out what the topic should be but I think I have a good user friendly idea. I will ponder a little more on this but I hope to have it finished by the end of September (the procrastination monster is lurching in the background. Lol).

Let’s see if I will have anything to show for the next 30 days. Wish me luck!

Tell Me:  Do you have any plans or challenges for the next 30 days? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas below.

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