Niche Site Complete – More Articles To Write

Working on my niche site

I have now put the finishing touches to one niche blog and it is up and running.  I have added adense and also a relevant book from  I have written 3 articles so far and submitted them to Ezine Articles.

As I am still learning about wordpress sites and themes, it took quite a long time for me to find the theme that I liked.  I was brave enough to try my hand at customising the theme so that I had it looking just the way I wanted.  Through trial and many many errors, I deleted codes until I got what I wanted.

At first I had decided that I wanted to have a total of 10 articles written and submitted for my niche  site then I would move on to the next.  However, after doing a little research (ok, snooping on other people’s articles) I realized that if I wanted to be successful, I would need to write a lot more than 10 articles.

I also know that I need to have some backlinks to the niche sites so I will write a couple of articles for Squidoo, weebly and an ehow article.

Roll on article writing……

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