Operation Baby Daddy

I recently watched a TV programme called “ Too Old To Be A Mum?” The whole point of this little documentary was to point out that women shouldn’t wait to have babies after the age of 35.  Actually the show threw out all these statistics about how slim a chance a woman has of having a baby through natural means after reaching 35.  Even with the use of IVF treatment, success rate is still quite low.

They did balance it out by pointing out the women who have given birth in their 40’s including Madonna, Cherie Blair and Halle Berry.

This was a little scary since I will be 40 years old in September.  I am single with no boyfriend on the horizon. I always thought that motherhood would happen for me but I am still footloose and fancy free. I have friends who are in exactly the same boat.

Nobody wants to settle for random Joe (or should that be randy Joe?) for the sake of having a little bubba but it seems that this is the choice or its time to for a trip to the bank to pick up a jar of sperm, anonymously donated by some, well, random Joe!

So, if you are over the age of 35 it is time to get Operation Baby Daddy up and running. Focus ladies, focus!! Who’s with me?

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