Paper Template – WordPress Sales Page Template Plugin – A Review


Paper Template WordPress Sales Page Template Plugin

I have been working with Paper Template, a WordPress sales page template plugin that is designed to look like a blank sheet of paper.

The reason I decided to give this product a try is because of the price and the ease of use. This is the perfect template if you are looking to create simple and uncluttered sales pages and opt in pages.

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5 Reasons To Try Paper Template

If you know me, you know I love my lists. So here is a list of 5 reasons why you should consider trying this plugin.

Paper Template WordPress Sales Page Plugin Template

 # 1 – Paper Template is Easy To Use
If you are familiar with WordPress and plugins, you will have no problems with this product. You just have to go to the plugins page on your site, upload the Paper Template zip file and enter your assigned pass key code. If you choose the starter pack option, you can use this plugin on up to 5 different websites.

If you want to create even more sales pages or opt in pages, you can upgrade to the Ultimate option, which will allow you to create sales pages on an unlimited amount of websites.

# 2 – Paper Template is Very Inexpensive
The basic cost for this product is just $7. I think that this is a great price if you are looking to see what this product can do. Even if you just use it once, I think that it pays for itself. Use it on 5 different sites and that’s $1.40 per sales page or opt in page. Oh, look at me showing off my maths skills :)

# 3 – It Has a Nice & Clean Format
Paper Template - Easy To Make Sales Pages and Opt in PagesI am a fan of easy to navigate pages and this is what you will get with this product. To change it up, you can add an image at the top in order to create a banner, with your logo.

If you upgrade to the Ultimate option, you will get a wide variety of ready made templates to help you create the perfect sales page. These templates show you how to set out your pages so that you get the best possible results, including how to use bullet points, and different letter fonts and sizes to use effectively.

You can also embed Youtube videos or a slide show if you wish. Create a sales page as simply or as complex as you want.

# 4 – There Are Additional Text Prompts
One of the selling points of this product is that it contains pre-written content that you can use to create sales pages, opt in pages, download pages and more. You can choose to add the pre-written content or use the sentences as prompts so that you can create your own headlines and call to action details.

# 5 – This Product is Tried and Tested By Its Creator
The creator of this plugin, Robert Plank, is a very enthusiastic guy. You will discover this if you ever listen to his podcast series or watch the webinars that he holds in order to present and promote his products. It is good to see that when you visit his sales pages, he is actually using his own product. I should bloody well hope so too 😉

My Experience With Paper Template
I decided to try this product out on a new Kindle book that I was writing. I purchased the domain name and created a sales page, an opt in page and a free gift download page. This was done quite quickly and easily.

I have also used the template for the home page of this blog. I added a Youtube introduction video and uploaded the whole thing with no problems at all.

Would I Recommend This Product?
I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants a quick and easy solution to creating clean looking sales pages for WordPress websites. A small investment of $7 could lead to great results.

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Have Your Say: Have you heard of Paper Template before? Have a look at the sales page and tell me what you think about the way it looks? Good? Bad? Professional? Amateur? I would love you to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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