Planning for 2013 – 1st Update

When I was going through my plans for 2013 in my head, it didn’t seem like much. However, once I started to write it down, the list looked really extensive.

I am happy to report that I have made some headway with my planning.  I hope that the benefit of doing this is will mean that if I ever get stuck for something to do or write about, I can come back to my 2013 Plan and pick something to work on.

This is what I have gotten done so far:

List 12 Mini Travel Destinations
I have decided on the 12 destinations that I will visit next year. This includes 4 towns in Germany, 4 towns in Spain and 4 towns in the UK.

I have already researched one town and plan to book my flight and accomodation before December is over. I am very excited. More on this in another post.

Research & Order a Germany Related Guide Book
I headed off to the bookshop and took a look at the selection of guide books available. The predominant ones were the Lonely Planet Guide to Germany and the Rough Guide to Germany.

After comparing and contrasting the content, style and potential usefulness of each book, I have decided to purchase the Lonely Planet Guide to Germany book.  It felt a lot more personalised and it used female freelance writers, which I think helps provide another point of view as opposed to what guys would feel are the most important aspects of travelling.

The book will be ordered via Amazon, as it is up to 50% cheaper than the bookshop. Sorry Mr store owner, but I am on a budget.

List 6 Squidoo Lens Topics
I have my 6 topic areas.  Now I just have to do my keyword research and decide on the specific product items.

List 6 More Squidoo Lens Topics
I was on a roll.  I have my other 6 topics now. This means that I shouldn’t have to tear my hair out trying to decide what topics to research.  I can just go to my trusty list and pick one for the month and create a minimum of 4 Squidoo lenses for each.

List 4 Kindle Book Ideas – Non Fiction
I have 3 book ideas so far.  Actually I have two books in rough draft already. One book was written during the Kindle book challenge that Tiffany Dow had earlier in the year.

The other book is based on a diary that I kept, while working as a Camp Counsellor in America. I thought it might be of interest to anyone thinking of doing that during their summer holidays.

List 12 Topic Ideas for My Two Pretty Things Blog
This is a blog that lacks proper focus. I hope my post ideas will help determine its direction.

List 12 Topic Ideas for My Black Eleganz Blog
This blog is also lacking proper focus.  I was actually going to get rid of it but it has been bringing in Amazon sales so I am going to give it another try.

I have now listed some great ideas that I hope will provide interesting reading.

Discover 4 Germany Related Bloggers
This was harder than I had expected.  There are lots of blogs but finding something that is of interest to me was a challenge.  Those that I did like had not had a post published for months.

I finally settled on a selection of blogs written by expats from the UK, USA.  I have added these to my Google Reader and will write a post with their links at a later stage.

So that makes 8 different things from my list of 20.  I am happy with that result.  I still have half a month to get the rest of the stuff planned out so I think that I am on target.  2013 will be the year of “Doing” so this is a great step towards that end.

Have Your Say:  How are your own plans for 2013 going? I would love to hear about them in the comments section below. :)

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