Planning for 2013 – The Year of Doing!

Getting Ready for 2013 – The Procrastinator’s Way

We only have a few days left until this year is over and a brand new year begins.  I want to make sure that 2013 is the year of “Doing” and with this in mind I have collated a few ideas that will help me to prepare for the year ahead.

Tiffany from Tiffany Dow actually set up a 30 days of planning challenge, where she invited everyone to create a plan of the things they would like to work on in their business.  Well, I don’t really have a business and when I saw how extensive her plan was, I was a little bit more than overwhelmed.  I wanted to go hide my head under my pillow and not come up for air until Christmas day.
Once I got over the shock and sheer amazement of her plan, as well as the extensively impressive plan from Amanda at Adventues in Online Marketing, I came up with my own idea of what I could do in order to better prepare myself for 2013.

My Planning Schedule for 2013

As I said, I want next year to be the year of “Doing”.  This includes doing things I have always wanted to do but just never got round to; doing things that might be a little bit daunting but will have a (hopefully) great end result; experiencing new things and places etc, etc.
The areas that I want to focus on include:
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Writing Kindle Books
  • Travel & Languages
  • Singing

All these areas take me out of my comfort zone and my tendency to procrastinate makes the task even harder.  Hopefully sketching out a few ideas will help to create a concrete plan of action that I can move forward with.

I have devised my own 2013 Preparation List of information that I can think about and gather together during the month of December, so that I have a starting point of where I am heading next year. Here goes.  I had already started thinking about some of these things but this should help to organise my thoughts better. This is in no particular order.

  1. List 6 mini (1 day) challenges
  2. List 12 mini travel destinations
  3. List 6 Squidoo lens topics (4 squidoos per topic)
  4. List 4 kindle book ideas
  5. List 6 1-week challenges
  6. List 2 MMO ideas – ebook or email marketing plan
  7. List 12 topic ideas for my Black Eleganz blog
  8. List 12 topic ideas for my Topgifts blog
  9. List 12 topic ideas for Two Pretty Things blog
  10. Discover 4 Germany related bloggers
  11. Discover 4 Spain related bloggers
  12. Discover 4 Singing related bloggers
  13. Research & order a Germany related guide book
  14. Research & order a Spain related guide book
  15. List 6 more mini (1 day) challenges
  16. List 4 kindle book ideas – Adult  fiction
  17. List 4 kindle book ideas – Children’s fiction
  18. List 6 more 1-week challenges
  19. List 6 more Squidoo lens topics (4 squidoos per topic)
  20. Decide what to do with my PLR store

So I have gathered together 20 different things to thing about before December ends.  I am actually excited to think about the possibilities and opportunities 2013 will bring. It really comes down to working out what you want and being bold and brave enough to go out and get it.

Have Your Say: What do you think of my plan?  Have you set out your own plans for 2013? I would love you to share your thoughts.

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