Positive Images of Black People – Undercovers Television Series

I have just watched a television show called Undercovers.

It interested me because it featured a black couple as the main characters travelling all over the world solving crimes as a pair of undercover CIA agents who happened to be married to each other.

It was classified as a spy dramedy. Unfortunately the show has been cancelled before getting to broadcast its complete first series. I got to watch all the episodes on the Warner TV channel.

Great Images Of Black People

The show may have gone to TV heaven but I did get to confirm some great stuff from it which were that;

Black people speak foreign languages.  Boris Kodjoe was born in Austria and speaks German, English, French and Spanish. I mention this because I studied German as part of my degree and I am currently learning Spanish.  It was nice to see a fellow person of colour busting out in German.

Black British women can hold their own in a television role. I had never heard of Gugu Mbatha-Raw, a British actress born and bred in Oxford.  I liked her and hope to see her appearing in plenty more TV or film roles in the future.

It is a shame that the series has come to an end but I was glad that I got the opportunity to see it here in England.

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