President Obama Is In The House


Today is the day! President Obama becomes the first black / African American President of The United States of America.  Oh my god!  This is such a big day in history for all black people, not just in America but around the world.  I am here in England watching this amazing event of history. It truly is one step closer to Martin Luther King’s dream.  I can just imagine him looking down and smiling, thinking that all the heart ache and struggle that black people had to endure really was worth it.

It was a big event when the United Kingdom elected the female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 1979.  I didn’t agree with her policies and I perhaps  wasn’t really old enough to fully understand why so many people were not happy with her leadership, but for me, it was a great step forward for womankind.  It showed that it really was possible for a woman to break through the glass ceiling and get the top job.

Today I am a very proud Black British Woman.  Cheers to you President Obama.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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