Putting Pen To Paper

Putting Pen To Paper

I spent most of today typing up several articles and posts for future use. I tend to find it easier to put pen to paper in my notebook and let my imagination run away with me as opposed to sitting in front of the computer. I know this is seen as old school but I do like to see all my jumbled ideas put on a page where I can then go back and forth, putting an extra sentence here, striking out a line there and generally scribbling all over the page until all my ideas are out of my head. If I were at the computer, I would naturally edit as I went along and the deleting process would inhibit and get in the way of free flowing ideas. I don’t know if that is useful but, hey, it works for me.

So I have a few posts ready for a couple of my niche sites and also a couple of articles to submit to ezine Articles.

All this goes towards my efforts to create good and profitable niche websites. I am still experimenting on the process I have decided to use and will comment on the results at the end of the month.

I have also spent a little time looking at Hubpages.  At first I thought these may be a waste of time but after reading a few and the comments people have left, I have decided to give it a go in the future. I have signed up with the site and am ready to go.

Right – Back to my trusty notebook and scribbles. Does anyone else favour these old school ways or do you prefer everything to be on the laptop asap?  Leave me a comment with you views.

Thanks for stopping by.

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