Scaramouche Jones

Scaramouche Jones with Guy Masterson

Yesterday evening I watched a one man play called Scaramouche Jones.  It is the life story of a pale skin man, a clown, born in the West Indies to a gypsy mother and an unknown white man.  I found out that the great actor Peter Postlethwaite also played this role a few years ago.

This production was recently seen at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it got rave reviews.  The actor in this production, Guy Masterson, was amazing.  He really held my attention completely for the 90 minute performance.  The props were few and the lighting minimal yet through the writing, the actor was able to conjure up wonderful images of the balmy Caribbean, the hot desert of the African continent, the appalling time during World War ll at Split Concentration Camp and finally ending up in London after the war.

Both comic and tragic, this very dramatic play reinforced one of my 101 things ambition of writing my own play some time in the future.  If I could create something as moving as Scaramouche Jones I would be very happy.

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