What Did I Get Done In September 2009


Sometimes it is nice to sit back with my daily cuppa and reflect on the things I have managed to achieve. It is so easy to go through life feeling like nothing is happening and you are just standing still while everyone else is having a whale of a time.

So I just wanted to reflect on what I got up to in the month of September to remind myself that I am not stuck in a rut and I am trying to actively improve my well being.

I keep thinking that life is just too short so it is really important to do the things you really want to instead of just talking about them.

So I have my money making experiment site where I record all my making money online trials and tribulations so this one is where I record everything else.

I Went To Milan

milan-la-scala Teatro

La Scala Teatro, Milan Italy

One of my goals is to see new places and I got to visit Milan, Italy for the weekend with a bunch of my friends. Among other things we found 5 things to see in Milan as well as eat lots of good food, drink good wine and had a fab time.

I also realised that I had legitimate reasons to buy a cheap digital camera as we ended up doing the tourist thing without a camera between us. Luckily, due to the kindness of strangers, we did get to capture the memories. Good Times.

I Watched Sister Act The Musical – It Is Fantastic


Patina Miller and cast of Sister Act

My sister treated me to tickets to see Sister Act at the Palladium and it was absolutely fabulous. I would definitely recommend this show to anyone who is looking for a really fun night out. The show is jammed packed with great singing, great dancing and a lot of laughs.

The main star is Patina Miller who plays the part that Whoopi Goldberg was in the film. The songs are different and it is set in the 1970s but this doesn’t matter because it is still great and that Patina girl can SANG! Shelia Hancock plays the Mother Superior and she has great comic timing.

If you can, get tickets for this show.

I have a couple of things that I would like to achieve for the month of October, including another weekend city break. Fingers crossed.

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