Setting Goals For February 09 – A Review

setting and achieving goals

Setting and achieving goals was one of the main reasons I set up this blog. Here are the goals I set myself for February 2009:

  • Earn $2.00 from this site –  failed to make a cent
  • Earn $4.00 from my new niche sites – earned $6.66
  • Write 7 articles – Done – for niche sites and ezineArticles
  • Write 2 articles for eHow.comDone but was time waster No.1 (see below)
  • Create 2 new niche sites – created one site
  • Send off 2 job applications – None – See Jobwise for reason
  • Write a 25 things about me list – List has been written, just needs to be uploaded.

Time waster No.1

I have certainly wasted a little bit of time this month, well a lot of time actually, on stuff that can not help me make money online. I wrote a couple of articles for but found out that only US residents can earn money from this site at the moment.

Time Waster No.2

I set up a little experiment to try and figure out how to rank for a keyword but of course, just like a newbie internet money-maker, I chose a very competitive keyword so the blogger blog and squidoo articles that I wrote have not yet appeared in Google’s search engine yet and will most probably not rank very highly.

The good news is that I am still reading and learning lots from other people’s blogs and their experiences. One thing I read was that when creating a niche site to make money from Adsense, you should set a goal for how much you want to earn per day and keep working on that site until you reach your goal. Then start work on a new niche site.

Another blog I read was Garry Conn. He was giving advice to a guy from Sweden about how to improve the look of his niche website. The advice was to change all the pages into blog posts, add more tags and add more posts.

Taking this advice on board, I did a quick analysis of the very first niche website I created. The average daily earning for this site is currently $0.50. I have decided to do as Garry says and change the pages to posts, add more tags and create more posts. By setting and achieving goals like this I should be able to increase my daily earnings with the extra work on this site.


I was really excited about sending off my CV for new jobs but I have decided that I really want to make a success of making money online so the job hunt is on hold. I will stay where I am right now. I like the people and the work and it is virtually stress free.

So the month of March will be about setting and achieving goals by working on sites that I have already set up. I want to try and improve the performance of these before I move on and spend time and money on new domains.

Goals achieved on my 101 list

  • Read 3 books this month
  • Updated my CV
  • Watched a BAFTA & Oscar nominated film

I haven’t achieved as much as I wanted to from my list. This is due to the fact that I worked quite a lot doing internet stuff.

I have a couple of things planned this month so I hope to be able to cross them off my list for March. Here’s hoping.

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