A Short Review of November 09

Stuart Manning for I'm a Celebrity 09

(scroll down the end to find out who this handsome chappie is)

The month of November has been a quiet one.  There wasn’t too much to tick off my 101 list but I didn’t do too badly in my money making experiment.

I did manage to take a cheap weekend break away.  I ended up in Bristol.  Travelling by National Express Coaches made the trip really cheap and although the weather wasn’t great, it was nice to be out of London for a few days and we still had a good time.

I managed to visit the Bristol Museum, which a fascination art collection.  We also stumbled across a graduation ceremony at Bristol Cathedral.  This brought back memories of my own.

As it gets colder it gets harder to get motivated to continue with my exercise regime.  At the moment my work schedule has also changed.  This means that I have to be in much earlier than usual.  This makes it doubly hard to get out of bed for my morning walk.

I want to be optimistic for December but as it gets colder, it gets harder to part with my bed and duvet cover.

The picture is of the lovely Stuart Manning who just got voted out of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here 09.  He’s easy on the eyes, but a little bit dull.  Ahhhh

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