Skipping Christmas By John Grisham


Skipping  Christmas by John Grisham was a book that attracted me because it was very small and didn’t seem like the sort of title for a John Grisham book.

I found it a very quick and easy read and quite enjoyable.  The husband and wife of a small town decide to forgo the traditional of spending lots of money on Christmas and instead go on a lovely cruise instead.  The rest of their small town are horrified by such a change in routine and try everything to change their minds.

As I said, I enjoyed reading this book as it is true that the cost of Christmas does really mount up but the ending was a little disappointing because due to unforeseen circumstances they are forced to change their plans at the last minute.

I would recommend Skipping  Christmas by John Grisham as a little stocking filler as it would be amusing to receive such a book during the holiday season.

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