Snow Halts Life In London Town


The view outside my window

Wow – it snowed yesterday. It actually snowed and stayed on the ground. I have to say – it looked beautiful. I am so glad it was Sunday which means that I didn’t have to venture outside. I could sit in the comfort of my flat and watch the large flakes float and flutter down from the sky and land on the ground, on the trees, on the cars, on everything. It looked gorgeous.

It seems weird that it is the beginning of February and it has only just turned cold enough for snow to fall. Hopefully it won’t last too long.


Got a phone call from a work colleague this morning – at 8.30am!! She called to tell me that all trains and buses have been canceled so not to bother trying to get in to work. I wouldn’t have minded but I wasn’t due into work until 1.00pm so wasn’t getting up any time soon. But, hey – thanks for the wake up call girl.

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