Spent The Day in My Pyjamas but Still Got Stuff Done

Everyone Needs a Pyjama Day!

The weekend is over and it is time to get back to real life. I am still waiting for this cold to completely dissipate so that I can get my voice back and get my vlogging on again.

Today I actually had a day off and spent most of it in my pyjamas. Guess what?  It felt great!! :)

I eventually felt a little bit guilty about pretending to be a lady of leisure so I got showered and changed and got on with some online stuff too.

Here’s what I got uup to.

Tasks Completed Today

  • Started My Next Kindle Story
  • Keyword Research & New Squidoo Lens Published

Started My Next Kindle Story

I knew that I wanted to start writing my next short story and I am so glad that I actually got round to it.  I have written just over 2,000 words.  This story is in the erotica genre.

I hope to get a bit more written tomorrow. The aim was to get a new kindle book written each month but I got side-tracked by other stuff.  I will put a proper work schedule in place come 2013, hopefully.

Keywrod Research & New Squidoo Lens Published

It is time to make money from the Christmas toy buying season.  My keyword research led to the topic of dolls and my first lens in this collection is about the Barbie Loves Beauty Styling Head.

This was a great keyword and the lens is filled with Barbie and other styling heads. They make a great gift for any budding little hairdresser in the family.

That was my online day today. I am still thinking a lot about what I want to achieve next year.  I have made a list of the stuff I want to do both online and offline.  I have a nice general idea but I need to establish a concrete plan so that I stay on course. More about this  soon. Ta Ta for now. :)

Have Your Say: Are you in favour of pyjama days? Or does it make you feel guilty? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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