Squick Money 15 Minute Squidoo System – Product Review

Can You Make Money with Squick Money Squidoo 15 Minute Squidoo System?

Below you will find my review of the above named product.  I purchased it and have used it.

I have tried to include all the questions that you may have if you are considering making a purchase.

The Product Name & Creator

The product is called Squick Money: 15 Minute Squidoo System and it was written by Britt Malka.

The Aim of The Product

To create a squidoo lens within 15 minutes

The Cost of The Product

At the time of writing, this cost $9.99. I bought it for around £6 from Amazon.co.uk

The Format of Squick Money 15 Minute Squidoo System

It is a kindle book, which is available to download from Amazon.

This is a short book with step by step instructions on how to use the system that the author has created. You will find out:

  • How to set up a new Squidoo account
  • How to search for topics for your lenses
  • How to pick the right type of topics
  • How to set up your lenses using the Squick system
  • How to add content using the Squick system
  • How to send traffic to your new Squidoo lenses
  • How to use other techniques to enhance and improve your level of success
  • How to combine this product with another popular Squidoo making product

Included in the Book

  •  5 Day Action Plan
  • Summary Action Plans
  • A list of useful resources

How To Use This Product

As it is in kindle book format, you simply purchase, download and start reading.

It is written in easy to understand English with step by step instructions.  It also includes lots of images with bright red arrows pointing you in the right direction.

This is perfect for people who are brand new to the construction of Squidoo lenses.

I got my notebook out in order to write down the information that I would need to use on a regular basis.  This has worked as my checklist that I can tick so that I add the right modules in the right place and carry out the suggested bookmarking and backlinking tasks.

Here is an example of one of my Squick Squidoo Lenses. Click on ABC Playmat to see for yourself. Don’t forget to come back. lol.

Can You Really Make a New Squidoo Lens in 15 Minutes?

When I did my first few lenses, these took much longer than 15 minutes.  I therefore thought that this was just a gimmicky title with no real substance.

That was because there were things that I failed to realise.  I failed to realise that I was not following the instructions closely enough. I was adding my own bits and pieces.

Because I had already made other lenses in the past and used another product, I was used to working in a different way.

When I re-read the book, did my prep work and stuck to instructions I found that I could create a lens in around 18-20 minutes.  I would say that the extra few minutes are down to my rather slow computer, which doesn’t like to have too many tabs open at once.

Also, when looking for Youtube videos to use, I get distracted and start watching a whole series of them.  A cute child or someone singing will stop me in my tracks. Before you know it I am watching a baby eating a lemon or I am singing along to someone’s version of Whitney Houston’s greatest hits. Oh yeah :)

But to the review – and the question at the beginning of this section; I would say – Yes, it is possible to put together a Squidoo lens in 15 minutes.

The Advantages of The Squick Money Book

  • It is inexpensive
  • It is easy to read
  • It is easy to follow
  • It does what is says on the tin

The Disadvantages of The Squick Money Book

It is only available on Kindle – I like to print instructional stuff like this. Call me old skool but that’s the way I like it.

That’s the only disadvantage I could find and I think that there is a way to download and print this off so that isn’t a real issue.

Summary – My Thoughts

I took part in Britt’s Squick Squidoo Lens Challenge, which consisted of creating 25 new lenses within the space of 5 days.  The aim is to get those lenses produced quickly. Once they are done, you give them a little time to move up the Google ladder.

Then you evaluate their progress and the lenses with great potential can be populated with more written content and more of your own affiliate links.

The first part of this challenge has been completed. I now have to do the backlinking suggested in the book then give them a little time.  I will be back to write a follow up report on my findings and hopefully some news of earnings.

Should You Buy Squick Money 15 Minute Squidoo System?

If you are looking for a system that is easy to use, easy to understand and very quick and simple to implement, then I would definitely recommend this book.

If you already know how to use Squidoo, you may find some of the information unneccessary. However you may discover a few techniques or modules that you haven’t used before.

I can’t guarantee that you will become a millionaire but you may surprise yourself with what you can achieve in the space of 15 minutes.

CLICK HERE to purchase Squick Money: 15 Minute Squidoo System

Have Your Say: Have you tried this book? What are your thoughts?

UPDATE – SEPT 2013 – Due to the changes that Squidoo recently made, I am no longer creating lenses. This product will not work as well as it used to.

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