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30 Squidoo Lenses in 30 Days – The Results

I purchased the Squid Pro Quo Squidoo Creation Product and used this step by step guide to create one lens per day over a 30 day period. I started on 25 September 2012 and completed my 30th squidoo lens on 24 October 2012

This is the list  of all the lenses I made in the order that I published them. I have also listed their curent Google ranking as of today(16 November 2012), which I measured using Rankerace.com. At the bottom I have summarised how much money I made through my Squidoo Amazon link and via the Squidoo website’s links.

30 Squidoo Lenses in 30 Days

Army Costumes for Women – Ranked No.18

Fringe Flapper Dress – Ranked No. 20

Black over the Knee Boots – Ranked No.35

Red Knee High Boots – Ranked No.22

Womens Military Boots – Ranked No.35

Purple Cowboy Boots – Ranked No.4

Tan Knee High Boots – Ranked No.16

Knee High Boot Socks – Ranked No.21

Red Knee High Socks – Ranked No.7

Orange Knee Socks – Ranked No.5

Yellow Knee High Socks – Ranked No.12

Large Eyeshadow Palette – Ranked No.13

Makeup Brush Belt – Ranked No.19

Kabuki Makeup Brush – Ranked No.33

Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag – Ranked – not ranking in top 100

Soup Flask – Ranked No.10

Polka Dot Teapot – Ranked No.14

Glass Tea Infuser – Ranked No.23

Coffee Mug Tree Stands – Ranked No.21

Lunch Bags for Women – Ranked No.27

Black Leather Ottoman – Ranked No.40

Zebra Ottoman – Ranked No.18

Brown Leather Ottoman – Ranked No.27

Dora Costume – Ranked No.23

Dora Toddler Bed – Ranked No.24

Dora Kitchen Set – Ranked – Forgot to add to list

Dora Mermaid Doll – Ranked No.12

Tea Infuser Spoon – Ranked No.23

Folding Guest Bed – Ranked No.22

Folding TV Tables – Ranked No.16

You Can Still Make Money When You Are Not On Page One of The Search Engines

As you can see from the rankings above, the majority of my lenses are not in the top 10 search results for Google.  But they are still being found by buyers and I am still making money.

The rankings change from day to day and week to week so this list could be completely different in 24 hours. But I am still making money. Yippee!

The Money I Made with These Squidoo Lenses using Squid Pro Quo

The one thing that everyone wants to know, including me, is how much cold hard cash has been made from all the work that is needed. Well here is my little summary for what I made over the course of 30 days.

Money Made Via Squidoo (Adsense / Amazon earnings) =$3.09

Money Made Via Amazon Direct Links = $166.49

Grand Total = $169.58

I think that is a nice little earner. It took between 90 minutes to 2 hours to create one lens and they do not need any maintenance.  If they continued earning around $100 per month that would be an extra $1200 in twelve months.  Sounds like a great investment of time.

Try For Yourself

It takes a while to understand the process of the Squid Pro Quo programme.  Once you have made your first couple of lenses, it does get easier. Some lenses will make money, others may not.  You may find that you have even better success than me.

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Have Your Say: Have you tried Squid Pro Quo? How has your experience been? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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