Squid Pro Quo Review – Make Money with Squidoo Articles

This is a review for Squid Pro Quo, a product created by Erica Stone. She is an experienced online affiliate marketer and product creator. This is just one of the many courses that she has published.

I am always looking for ways to make money online and if there is a system that will help, I am interested to learn about it.  This is the case with Squid Pro Quo.  I purchased this guide for $19 and have implemented the step by step instuctions to produced a Squidoo lens each day over a period of 30 days.

What is Squido Pro Quo?

This is a product creation system based on the Squidoo platform, a web 2.0 property where anyone can sign up, write an article and make money. This guide will show you how to set up these articles, which will enable you to make money via Amazon, Adsense and other affiliate companies.

What You Get:
The system consists of
  • A 26 page PDF guide explaining the strategy
  • 2 separate step by step guides, depending on the type of Amazon affliate links you choose to use
Bonus – Extras Included:
  • 3 HTML templates
  • Keyword Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Lens Planner Spreadsheet
  • 3 Back Linking Methods that you only need to do once
The Good

Squid Pro Quo is very easy to understand even if you are brand new to creating articles online.  The guide book provides you with clear and concise step by step instructions, which are easy to follow and easy to implement.

You do not have to do very much writing at all, which I am sure will be music to some people’s ears. The majority of your time will be taken up with keyword research and formatting the whole Squidoo lens to make it look attractive.

The HTML templates are brilliant for both newbies and experienced online web writers.  These templates allow you to make attractive looking articles by adding the right type of links, adding borders and formatting the font size and style.

If this is really new for you, then some of the bonus products could be of real benefit, such as the Lens Planner spreadsheet and the Keyword tracking spreadsheet.  However, once you have created a couple of lenses, you will most probably be able to work relatively quickly and type your info directly into the lens.

If you have decided to outsource your work, then these spreadsheets would be a great way to communicate your needs to your assistant.

The Bad
The first time I used the guide, it took me absolutely ages to make my first Squidoo lens. Some people may get discouraged and just give up.

It takes a while to cut and paste all the info required, which can be really annoying.  At some points, I felt like I was losing the will to live.

Erica has stated that it could take a couple of hours for a newbie but once you know what you are doing, you will speed up. My first lens certainly took a lot longer than two hours but now I can get one finished in about 1.5 hours.

I don’t have any other bad things to say about this book at all.

My Overall Experience of Squid Pro Quo
When I read through the guide, I made notes so that I had all my ‘To Do’ tasks written as bullet points. I knew exactly how many modules I needed for each lens and what order. This helped to speed up the process.

It was frustrating and time consuming to cut and paste some of the HTML templates.  I work on a netbook so my screen is fairly small. A few times I made a mistake in the coding (deleted a dot or added an extra space) and it took forever to figure out how to rectifiy the situation.

Although I love the way the individual modules look with their borders and the way the Amazon boxes are displayed, I decided to use another Squidoo tool to make the modules. I could then just cut and paste without worrying about spacing.  These modules enable me to earn 100% of any Amazon commission if and when people click through and make a purchase.

Using Market Samurai Helped Make The Keyword Process Flow
Keyword research is very important when creating these lenses and you can do this with the free online tools or you can purchase Market Samurai.  This tool provides you with so much information, it can be overwhelming but Erica has kindly provided step by step guidance so you know what info can be ignored.  This is fantastic because you know what information to concentrate on and you also know exactly how to interpret the data so that you know within seconds whether you have potential money making keywords.

Affiliate Link Alert!
CLICK RIGHT HERE to sign up for a 7 Day Free Trial with Market Samurai. The keyword research will take just minutes. You could do your research in bulk, which Erica suggests, so that you can create a Squidoo creation timetable for the week or the month.

Should You Buy Squid Pro Quo?
Yes, Yes, Yes! I am more than happy to recommend this product. All the information you need is clearly set out for you. If you have any problems, you can actually get in touch with Erica, and she will be happy to personally help with any issues. The product is inexpensive and you will be able to make that money back quite quickly if you follow the instructions. Another great thing about this product is that once you carry out the important basic stuff, you can really go to town with your lenses and do a little or as much writing as you like.

To Summarise -Reasons to buy Squid Pro Quo
You should buy Squid Pro Quo:
  • If you are looking for a system that is easy to understand
  • If you are looking for a system that is easy to use and implement imediately
  • If you would like to make money as an Amazon affiliate
  • If you would like to make money even if you are not eligible to sign up as an Amazon affiliate
  • If you hate complicated keyword research
  • If you hate long winded keyword analysis
  • If you want a cheap and cheerful actionable system.

UPDATE – SEPT 2013 – Due to the changes that Squidoo recently made, I am no longer creating lenses. This product will not work as well as it used to.

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