Squidcrafter Review – How to Create Squidoo Lenses with Style

Squidcrafter Comes to The RescueSquidcrafter

The Squid Pro Quo programme by Erica Stone has really helped me to creates some great Squidoo lenses.

When I reviewed it I had one major problem with it. That was with the time that it took to cut and paste the coding so that your Amazon modules had your own affiliate links in them.

Many people had problems with this because it was a labourious process and when you know nothing about coding, if you had a problem and did something wrong, you didn’t know how to fix it.

Well some clever developer saw that there was a way to help fix this problem and provide a great service to others. That was when Squidcrafter was born.

Designed by Chris Anderson, this product enables you to find Amazon products and at a click of a button, the code is formulated so that you need only copy and paste into a squidoo module.

Here is an example of what your lens modules could look like:

Squidcrafter products

This product went on sale on 7th December 2012 in the Warrior Forum and today – 15 March 2013, it is currently on sale for $31.40

The GoodGood

This is a one off payment product. No monthly membership fees at all. You purchase once and you own the product forever.

You get lots of information when you download this product. You get a step by step PDF  guide book to help you on your way.

You can now use the software for both Amazon USA and Amazon UK products, which is great for a Brit like me, though I haven’t done this yet. Its hard to get into the habit of marketing to the UK.

There are lot of different templates to choose from in different colours and styles so if you want to make money with Squidoo, this tool will help you create attractive modules.

You also get a lifetime of updates.

There is great productt support and customer service – When I had a problem, I got emails from Chris himself, which were very much appreciated.

The BadBad
This maybe just me but the constant updates do my head in. I know that this is because the product is being improved on all the time but I like to learn something once then go on autopilot when I use it so that I don’t have to relearn stuff or update things.

It is something I have to live with, just like the constant WordPress updates. I know it is all for my own good and makes the product better but I just wanted to state, for the record – updates are a constant nightmare and part of the every changing world  of online life. Me no likey :(

Should You Buy Squidcrafter?
If you are going to make lots of Squidoo lenses and you want to earn a bigger share of that affiiate commission, I would definitely say that Squidcrafter would be a worthwhile investment.

The maths is simple. If a lens has more of your own Amazon direct links, rather than using  Squidoo’s Amazon modules, the law of averages dictates that you will get more clicks and earn more.

If you are happy to share your earnings with Squidoo (they take a 50% cut of any Amazon commissions), then forget about this tool.

Click Here to find out more about Squidcrafter.

Have Your Say: Have you purchased Squidcrafter? How’s it working out for ya? Let me know in the comments below.

UPDATE – Sept 2013 – Squidoo changed their rules about the amount of links allowed so I no longer create lenses. This product is still great but you should include less product links or use this on your own websites.

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