People – I Want You To Start Your PLR Business Today – Let Me Tell You Why

Congratulations-to-youI want to urge you to seriously consider starting a PLR business. I created my website using Tiffany Lambert’s guide called PLR ATM, which showed me exactly what I needed to do in order to get my website ready.

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Today’s post was prompted by an email notification that I received today. “Ping – Congratulatons , your website The PLR Boutique has just made a sale!”

Hurrah for me – that’s another $10 in the bank :)

Every time I receive one of these notifications I get excited and I literally throw up my hand in the air and give myself a high 5. Oh yes, I may be at the workplace and yes, I might have to style it out and pretend that I was going for some sort of funky arm stretch or something but inside, inside, my heart beats a little faster because I have just made another sale!

Today’s sale was made from content that was written sometime last year. That purchase proved again what a viable business running a PLR website can truly be.

If you are still sitting on the fence about whether this is the right thing for you or whether you have enough time to get the work done, here are some answers to 3 of the most popular reasons why you might be holding yourself back from creating a PLR revenue stream.

# 1 – My Website Offering isn’t Good Enough
Scared of FailureYou might have already purchased several user guides on how to start a PLR business. You might have purchased a really good domain name. You might have even written a couple of PLR packs containing 5 articles a piece. But then you stopped right there.

  • Was it because you were scared that it wouldn’t work out for you?
  • Was it because you were scared that no-one would buy?
  • Was it because you were scared it would take too much time to build up a large enough portfolio to attract customers to your website or your mailing list?

Well guess what? I had all of these fears too. Then I remembered. If no-one found my site or bought one of my packs, who would know? I wasn’t going to let on. So what did I have to lose?

Time To Take Action
Go dust off that article pack that you worked on and upload it to your website.  Go and paste your website link to your Facebook account so that people are reminded that it exists.

Go tweet about your PLR site. Heck, paste a link to The PLR Boutique Facebook Page.

Let people know that your PLR website is out there. That one pack you have might be just what someone is looking for right now.

# 2 – I Don’t Have Enough PLR Article Packs To Sell
PLRDon’t have enough article packs? Well one of the beauties and benefits of an online store like a PLR website is that you can start your business with one simple article pack. All you need is to find the right people who are looking for that content and you have made a sale.

Also – if you think about it, it doesn’t take that long to create a 5 pack offering. If, for example, you set yourself a goal of writing just one article a day for 10 days – Voilà! You have 2 more brand new PLR packs to offer the world.

Time To Take Action
Join the 30 Day Article Writing Challenge over at the Warrior Forum. There are still 15 days left. That gives you the opportunity to create up to 3 new PLR packs by writing just one article a day. Write about a topic that you know a lot about and the writing will flow quickly.

Click Here To Visit The Article Writing Challenge at The Warrior Forum

# 3 – People Are Not Buying PLR Any More
No ThanksThere are plenty of people out there that want you to believe that this is the case. They want you to believe that there is a problem with pre-written content. Well, I couldn’t end this post without give a shout out to the biggest success story and the ultimate motivating force behind my drive to get you to work on your own PLR sites.

Tiffany Lambert is proving without a shadow of a doubt how lucrative having a PLR business can be. She is also proving that there is still a thriving market who are desperate for good quality pre-written content.

She set up her own website, PLR Mini Mart several years ago and has a ridiculous amount of content on there covering a whole host of topics and genres.

That large portfolio of outstanding content didn’t appear overnight. It took time and effort to get to where she is right now.

All that effort is now paying dividends because Tiffany is able to put together some fantastic special offers at rock bottom prices where the customer gains good quality content for their online work and Tiff is able to earn a healthy and steady income.

At the moment Tiffany is laser focussed on adding new content to her site and has been running lots of 72 hour sales covering a vast array of topics to suit all customers. I know that I have taken advantage of a couple of those special deals.

Tiffany Can Teach You How to Make Money with PLR
PLR ATM - Make Money with PLR - T LambertTiffany went a step further and created a step by step blueprint so that others could learn and do exactly as she has.

Her course book, PLR ATM, gives you all the information you need to get your own PLR business up and running.

That’s what I used to create my own site, The PLR Boutique.

Time To Take Action
Click Here To Get a Copy of PLR ATM if you haven’t got a copy. If you have got a copy, go find it on your computer, open it up and start reading. It is time to get your PLR business started so that you can react in the same way as me, when you get that email notification – “Ping – Your PLR Website Has Just Made a Sale” Hurrah for us all :)

Need Help With Your PLR Website?
Free-ebook - How To Breathe Life into a PLR BusinessIf you have any questions about setting up your PLR site, then ask away in the comments section.

I might not have the answer but I am sure that someone in our community will be able to assist.

Remember, no question is too silly or dumb. We are all on a learning curve here.

PS – I wrote a short report all about my PLR journey – Sign up below to receive a free copy.

OK, I am off to go celebrate my win, with a nice cup of tea and a biscuit. Oh yes, this girl knows how to party! 😉

Have Your Say:  Thinking about starting a PLR site? Let me know. Already have a PLR site? Then leave a link in the comment section below. Tell me, how do you feel when you make a sale? Share your thoughts below.

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