Take Action with Victoria – New Slant for Future Videos

Take Action Now - 01aIt has only been a few months since I started recording my weekly round up videos. This is where I talk about what I have been up to over the past week. It took a while to get used to and to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

The more I have done these videos, the easier it has become and this has been due to the support of people visiting this blog and leaving really wonderful comments. Thank you for your support and positive responses.

Now I think that it is time for a little change. It would be great to hear what you think about all this.

The Aim of The New & Improved Videos
I hope to highlight at least one thing that I will be taking action on during the upcoming week. This is in order to stay accountable so that I actually make progress with my online endeavours. I also hope that by doing this, it might motivate others to think about taking the same exact action too.

Hopefully the results of stating what I want to do and seeing it through will lead to success and I hope to be able to share this journey with you, as well as have you hop on board the Action-Taking train with me 😉

Here’s This Week’s Video
Now that I am gaining in confidence in video recording, I need to take some time to work on recording during the daytime and sorting the sound out. Oh well, first things first – getting the courage to hit the record button. Enjoy :)

YouTube Preview Image

Then & Now
Each week I hope to share with you what I got up to over the last few days and what I intend to get up to over the next few days. So here goes.

What I Got Done Last Week

  • I recorded & uploaded this week’s video
  • I published my new book on Amazon
  • I wrote and published 2 posts for this blog
  • I wrote 3 PLR Articles
  • I made some Halloween site sales

This Week’s Action Taking Tasks

  • I will reveal my productivity helper in my next blog post
  • I will add 2 posts to my Halloween site

# 1 – The Reason Behind My Productivity
I have a blog post that will reveal all. The post will be published later this week. I am also including a freebie short report that you can download. In order to grab a copy, just sign up to my mailing list and you will receive it my next email.

I am very excited to share the news with you. More on that later this week.

# 2 – I Will Add 2 More Posts To My Halloween SiteCasual Holiday BloggingGuide by Britt Malka
I am so happy that I received more sales from my Halloween site. I only have a few posts on the site, but because I took action and got it up and running, I have had people find my blog and click on those money making links. Hurrah :)

It might be a little late to start a Halloween site now but this is a great time to get a Christmas site up and running.

Grab a copy of Britt’s Holiday Blogging Guide and get to work on your Christmas site now.

Click Here for Britt’s Casual  Holiday Blogging Guide

What Do You Think?
I am sure that I will get more done, but I wanted to start off with something easy, so that I can definitely give myself a high 5 at the end of the week.

It is always good to shake things up a little to see where you can make improvements and also to see what works and what doesn’t. I have lots of ideas flowing around my head so now is the time to implement them, one at a time. I feel that there are some exciting times ahead as I make my way on this funny old internet marketing journey. Wish me luck :)

Have Your Say: What do you think about my new idea? Do you think it will be helpful to viewers? I would love for you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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