Taking My First Salsa Dance Steps

I love to dance and when I saw that Groupon was offering a great discount on a bulk order of salsa classes, I snapped it up. I told two friends about the offer and they have agreed to join me in ten lessons of salsa over the next few weeks.

I have danced salsa before but for some reason or other, I just stopped doing all the things that I really enjoy.  But it is time to get back into action and to have fun.


Salsa Dance Classes Can Take Place Anywhere

When we arrived at the venue, we discovered that the class was to take place in the lower level of a Spanish Style restaurant called La Tasca.

There is no need to invest in salsa dance shoes or clothing.  All you need is to wear something comfortable and shoes with a little bit of traction so that you can glide around the dance floor.

No Dance Partner? No Problem

There were about 30-40 people there with the majority being women.  The teacher got us to form a circle and the gents made a smaller circle in the middle.  Every couple of minutes, the guys would rotate in the circle so that everyone got to dance with a partner.

This was a beginners’ class so the teacher broke down every move into easy to understand instructions.  We did a little warm up and the steps that we learned included the basic mambo, rumba and simple turns.  By then end we joined the different moves together to form a short routine that we were able to repeat over and over. I definitely see myself getting addicted to salsa because it is easy to pick up and is a very sociable activity.

It was a fantastic class because, although some people were a little nervous, the general atmosphere was nice and relaxed so it didn’t matter if you made mistakes.  The only problem was that the air conditioning wasn’t on so it was a little hot.

Salsa Dancing – A Great Way to Exercise

The two benefits of taking these salsa dance lessons is the fact that I am doing a little bit of dancing and I am also doing something that should burn off a significant amount of calories.  As I am going to continue this once a week as well as my Zumba classes, I will keep an eye on whether I have lost any weight by the end of the month.

Find Out Where You Can Salsa The Night Away

If you are thinking about finding an exercise that is fun and will help to keep you fit, then you should definitely look out for any salsa classes in your area.  Sign up to Groupon so that you can receive daily emails about their special offers and you may find a great bargain for yourself.

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