The 7 Day List Building Challenge – Are You In?

Are you up for a List Building Challenge?Β  This will last for 7 days and will start on Monday 9th – Sunday 15 September 2013.

This is a mixture of a challenge and an experiment because I do not know if the method that I am proposing will garner any extra subscribers. But the only way that we will find out is if we take action. I am doing it anyway and thought that you might like to join in.

The Benefits of Setting Challenges
I started the 30 Day Article Writing Challenge over at the Warrior Forum so that I could break down the daunting task of content creation. This resulted in 30 pages of fresh content for me, that I might not otherwise have produced.

The other benefits included meeting new people through the challenge, a great feeling of community and support, accountability and the confirmation that setting goals and targets really can be achieved if we set our minds to it and TAKE ACTION! That is why I would like you to consider taking part.

4 Reasons Why You Should Join This Challenge

  • The tasks are fairly straight forward
  • Working as part of a group helps keep you motivated
  • It is a fun task if you work with others
  • The results might be inspiring and uplifting – who knows?

This Challenge Will Last Just 7 Days
I have made it short for a reason. I know that 30 days can be a long time commitment for some, what with real life, full time jobs and families to be dealing with.

This challenge will be over in 7 days and will consist of one task per day. Each task should take less than a hour to complete, hopefully.

What You Should Have in Place Before The Challenge Commences
Tools Need for List Building ChallengeThe challenge involves performing one task per day.

In order to ensure that you only have one task to do each day, it would be a good idea if you already have the following things set up and in place:

If you do not have the above things, you have time to get yourself organised before the challenge begins. Do one per day so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

The Outcomes of This Challenge
The main aim is to add new people to our subscriber lists. If you can add at least one person to your list, I would say that this challenge has been a success for you, for me, for everyone.

You might also gain other things during these 7 days, and I hope that you will share what you have gained with me.

Sign Up To Take Part in This Challenge!
If you are already on my list, you will have received notification about this challenge. You will therefore automatically receive a daily email from Monday 9th – Sunday 15th September.

If you are not on my list, sign up below and you will also receive these daily emails from next week.

I hope that you enjoy the process and let’s see if we can build up our subscriber lists. Good luck everyone – This is going to be fun :)

My Offer To You
My Gift To YouIt would be great to have people join me on this challenge. I would be more than happy to share your links on this blog.

All you have to do is send me links to the task that you have completed for that day and I will add them to the 7 Day List Building Challenge Post that I will set up.

I will let you know what you need to send me so don’t worry about that. Just check your email for the information. I will then go and give each link some social media love and leave a comment or tweet it or “like it” or “whatever” it. lol

Sign up below and let’s get started!

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