The 90 Day Product Creation Challenge – Week Two – Create a Work Schedule That Suits You

The 90 Day Product Creation Challenge Week TwoThe 90 Day Product Creation Challenge is now under way and we are entering week two. There is still time to join. There is no starting date or end date deadlines.  Jump in whenever you want.

This is a great opportunity for you to work on a project that you have had running around in your head.

During the first week of the challenge, I was sure that I was going to write an ebook.

It seemed like the most logical solution. It is a quick and easy thing to do. I have already put together a few ebooks so I thought this would be a no-brainer.

As I started to work on my idea, I started thinking about the greater possibilities and the sort of online work I like to do. I enjoy taking part in challenges and learning by doing.

I love the idea of building up a community and connecting with like minded people on topics and interests that we have in common.

So I decided to create an email course that brings all these elements together. I still have a few kinks to iron out because I need to figure out how to make a standalone product which also encompasses the idea of community and interaction. Hmmmmm….

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed By The Challenge?
Feeling OverwhelmedWhen the idea of doing this challenge was announced, I was really excited but also scared at the same time.

I knew that I wanted to create something but how would I do that without a course or a book giving me step by step instructions?

As there are no firm or fixed rules in how to get things done, you have to create your own plan of action. Some people can work well by just going with the flow.

For me, going with the flow means I waste a lot of time navel gazing and end up cramming everything I want to get done into the last few hours of the night. This is not only stressful, but completely unnecessary.

I quickly realised that I had to put together my own step by step instruction and actionable To Do List so that I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities that lay ahead.

A great way to keep on track is to create a plan that works for you and the time that you have.

Create A Plan That Suits You
One of the reasons why I fail to get things done is because I create a To Do List that is far too long. Each time I look at all the things I want to achieve, I get overwhelmed and can’t decide what to do first.

The solution was to cut down that list and only give myself one or two choices at a time. That way I know that I am able to achieve a particular goal in the time that I have allotted. This is what I have done for this challenge.

My Product Creation Plan
This is a basic outline of what I want to get done over the next few weeks. I have broken down the tasks into manageable chunks that make sense to me and which will enable me to focus on specific areas each week.

This plan is not set in stone. I know that lots of other things will crop up along the way. I have lots to learn and decisions that have to be made as I progress but it is good to have some sort of agenda to start out with.

Week One
Choose a topic
Do research to be sure there is an audience

Week Two
Create a 5 page free ebook

Week Three
Write 5 articles for syndication / guest posts etc

Week Four
Set up a squeeze page
Set up a Facebook fan page

Week Five – Seven
Create my 30 day email course

Week Eight
Create sales page
Decide on the up-sell product

Week Nine
Put email course together as a PDF course book

Week Ten
Evaluate, amend

Week Eleven – Twelve
Any left over business to attend to. Rinse and repeat.

As I mentioned, this schedule is not set in stone and the order may get changed around with things added and things taken away but it is good to have something I can look at that will keep me on track. There are so many wonderful distractions online and offline. A plan will help keep me in line.

My Progress so Far
So I am on week two and the task is to create a 5 page free ebook. Why 5 pages? Because I know that I can write a page and day and by Friday, this task will be completed. Today is Tuesday and I have already done my two pages. With only three pages to go, this task feels nice and easy. No stress here :)

Feel free to use this plan or to adapt it to suit your own schedule.  I hope that you are feeling good about your own product ideas and that you are feeling in control.  Happy Product Creation y’all 😉

Have Your Say: Do you have a plan of action? How are you keeping on track? I would love you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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