The 90 Day Product Creation Challenge

90 Day Product Creation ChallengeThe 90 Day Product Creation Challenge began this week. The aim of the challenge is for people to come up with a product, and basically bring it to market. This challenge is being co-hosted by Tiffany Dow and Bonnie Gean.

There are no firm rules about what your product should be. You can work on an ebook, a kindle book a tutorial product, anything you like.

You want to ensure that there is an audience for whatever it is you have decided to create. This can be achieved by doing research like typing in your keyword into your search engine and adding the word forum. This will show you if there is an active community around the product you are thinking of putting together.

You can add the keyword in Amazon to see how many book titles come up. Then check the rating and ranking of the books. You want to be sure that the ranking is high enough so that there is potential to make money within that sector.

Things You Can Do To Find A Product Idea

  • Make a list of your hobbies and interests
  • Think back on any questions you have been asked by online or offline friends
  • Think about topics that you needed help with and you educated yourself on the matter
  • Visit a couple of your favourite forums and look for questions that have been asked often
  • Look at products you have purchased and highlight areas where you think information was missing
  • Write a case study

These can be starting points for your research and if you are lucky, a great idea will reveal itself to you. I am currently working my way through this process to see if I can uncover an idea that is interesting and product worthy.

Are You Having Trouble Deciding on a Product?
What Can I ShareThe trouble I am having at the moment is that I have a couple of ideas but they are not really suitable as a one off product. I want to make something that is complete and doesn’t need extra input from me. I would prefer to make a standalone product, which could be sold on Amazon, Clickbank or as a Warrior Forum Special Offer product.

The benefits of this 90 day challenge is that there is time to look at several ideas and then pick one that would be appropriate for this time period. If you come up with lots of options, you can always work on those other products afterwards.

My Thoughts Going Forward
I am 95% sure that my product for this challenge is going to be a short ebook report. That has taken all the pressure off. Some people will be creating video products, some will be creating membership sites. I know that this is all in my future. I am going to take my little baby steps and be happy with it too. And who knows, this product could be the beginnings of my gargantuan money making empire! Hurrah for me. Oops, sorry, getting a little carried away there πŸ˜‰

Right, time to go do a little research in order to figure out what my ebook is going to be about. Over to you.

Have Your Say: How are you feeling about this challenge? Are you scared, excited, motivated? What is the biggest lesson you want to learn from this whole experience? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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