The Cure for Shiny New Object Syndrome

Shiny New Object SyndromeI think everyone knows what Shiny New Object Syndrome is.  In fact, I sort of sucumbed and in the last couple of weeks I have purchased a few new domain names and 2 online products.

The domain names I purchased are for up and coming projects (including my 90 Day Product Creation product) and the two products were Page One Profits, something to help with my kindle book promotion, and a $7 super duper PLR offer  from Tiffany Dow.

It took me a little while to decide whether to get these products because I really didn’t want to be a victim of  Shiny New Object Syndrome. You know, when you buy something because it sounds great or it is offered at a great price but ends up unused and cluttering up space on your hard drive.

This has happened to me several times in the past. I have a few things that have never seen the light of day. A couple of the products, I actually did try out but once I realised that it was either too much work or not enjoyable, they fell by the wayside. So another few dollars wasted but lessons learned, sort of, well, no, not really :)

Anyway, I think I am slowly working out how to stop myself indulging in unnecessary purchases. Here are the following three points I try to keep in mind when my eye gets attracted to something shiny looking.  Let me know what you think.

No.1 – I Try Not To  Buy Immediately
WaitIf possible, I always give myself some time in order to consider the implications of making a purchase. I take the time to read through the product offering and I try to consider what type of things I am currently working on online.

  • Will this product be of use to my current online strategy?
  • Will it help improve my work process?
  • Will this purchase provide a service that I really need at this very moment?

No.2 – I Work Out When The Product Can Be Implemented
The product may look and sound great but it is no good if it is going to sit on my hard drive or, if it is a physical product, in my spare room, waiting for me to  find the time to use it.

That’s why it is good to have a daily schedule. I can look at what I already have on my plate and work out if I have the time to use the product in the immediate future.

A Perfect Example – I want to buy John Chow’s Blogging Programme. It looks good and there has been a lot of positive feedback. The price is also very affordable.

I took a couple of moments to work out if I would have the time to work with this product properly. I came to the conclusion that I don’t have the time right now so I haven’t yet purchased it. It is, however, on my to buy list.

No.3 – I Ask Myself if I Can Afford To Buy This Product
Can I Afford ThisIt can be really tempting to just jump in and buy a product, without considering the costs and whether you will get a return on your investment.

You need to always look at whether you can afford to buy in the moment. You do not want to buy when you are on the verge of poverty. You do not want to depend on a product to be able to be your lifesaver. Far too much pressure.

I tend to purchase online products using the money that I have earned from my online endeavours. This is then an act of reinvestment as opposed to me using funds from my real world job.

Therefore, if I do not have the funds available, I am unable to make a purchase at that moment in time. This can be a hard rule to stick to, especially when some products are offered at a really cheap introductory price. So far I have resisted breaking into my real world earnings, which is needed for stuff like, you know, the mortgage, food and train fares, internet connection, important stuff lol.

In Closing
It can be really be difficult to stop yourself from impulse buying. But you can train yourself to take the time to evaluate the situation.

Sometimes you just have to take a step back from the situation, take a deep breath and reconsider if you need to make that purchase right now. Sometimes the answer will be yes and sometimes the answer will be no.

PS – How To Make Money From Your Purchases
Cashing in on Shiny New Object Syndrome by Tiffany DowNow if you have a whole lot of products cluttering up your hard drive,  there is a possible way for you to make some money back on them.

Tiffany Dow actually has a product called a Guide To Cashing in on Shiny New Oject Syndrome.  She proves that we are not alone in our shopping adiction and that there is a way to profit from our purchases.

Just click on that link above to find out what she has to say. And yes, I have just told you about another shiny new object, but maybe this one could be the perfect solution which could help you to fund for your addiction. What do you think?  😉

Have Your Say: Have you fallen prey to Shiny New Oject Syndrome? Have you found your own cure?  Have you tried out Tiffany’s product? How was it for you? I would love you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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